FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXVIII | 2034-2037

Three years later. Three virtual seasons were played in the Football Manager 2017 save with Reading FC. Many new young our own players made it from youth to the first team and some of them are already our key players and they deserve some attention. If you’re still interested in this save you can read about everything that happened during the last three years. 

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FM17 | Near Post Corner Kick Routine

If you played Football Manager 2015 or 2016 you probably know there were a lot of goals thanks to Near Post Corner Kick routine. It was very effective to put there your best header and also a player with good off the ball movement attribute and strength guy and he has done the rest. 

As I created some routines during the Football Manager I decided to try this once again too.

near post header

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Belmondo Diary – These are Champions?


TUESDAY September 1st, 2020

We’re sitting on top of the league courtesy of the alphabet. Tottenham are also on nine points with a plus nine goal difference. Chelsea are also on nine points, but they’re not scoring as well. Coincidentally, we are heading to Tottenham in a couple of weeks after this international break. I’m sure there’s a good reason to have a break after only three games into the season. No, I’m not.

Also, I’ve just been awarded the Manager of the Month award. Makes sense, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t think they’d warm to me so quickly.

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FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXVII | 2032-2034

Hello, everyone, we have passed another two seasons in the virtual world of Reading FC. If you remember it right we won our 10th Champions League trophy in a row at the end of the last update. That was at the end of the 2031/2032 season. It was a major success but we were very good in next two seasons as well. Let’s take a look.

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Belmondo Diary – In Brugge


WEDNESDAY August 19th, 2020

Game Day. Club Brugge v Liverpool. Champions League Best Placed Playoff Leg 1.

I decided to rest most of the starters in order to focus on continuing a good start to the league. Winning the Premier League is my focus. Belgian outposts are not quite worthy of my full attention. This meant the Welsh Wizards got starts. It also saw the Free Fancy Frenchmen all start – Fofana in goal, Wilfried Thomas up front, and Jeff (very French name) Reine-Adelaide in the attacking midfield position. The average age of those five? A touch under twenty.

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A Tactical Blueprint for the 3-5-2. Rebuilding Barcelona in the process.

header image barcelona


Coming to Barcelona from AEK for the 2021/22 season would turn out to be a bit of an eye-opener for me. Having seldom managed in the higher echelons of world football, it was a shock when my first signing commanded a signing-on fee equal to the annual transfer budget Dimitris Melissanidis would have generally afforded me at AEK Athens. As it transpired, the Spanish wing-back Grimaldo would be my only signing of the summer.

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Fredensborg – Season 4 drips to an end!

It’s been a fabulous first season in the Superliga but the last 10 games were drawn out into a disappointing end. A very quick recap of the remaining 3 months in Denmark.

On the results front my school report would say ‘Tries very hard but more needed to reach the next step in his education’.

header image a life in denmark

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FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXVI | Ten times in a row

Give me one! Give me two! Give me three!…Give me ten! The 2031/2032 season is over and trust or not Reading FC won the Champions League for the tenth times in a row. Achievement? As FMSamo like to say “Ridiculous!”

Despite I wrote in the previous posts I will cover more than one season to enjoy the save I decided to write about this season separately because I think the tenth Champions League trophy in a row is an amazing record and huge achievement.

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