FM15 Backroom Staff Search Filter

Football Manager 2015 Search Filters are a great way for you to find the best players and staff as well. With a search filter you can quickly and easily load various search conditions aimed at finding coaches, physios, scouts… There are search filters for every staff role in FM15.

Filters are very easily to install. Download the file -> just drop that file into the following location: C:\Users\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\filters. Create the folder “filters” if it doesn’t exist.

When you load up Football Manager 2015 go to the “Staff” screen -> “Staff search” and click “filter” on the right. Then “manage filters” -> “import”. Then select the file. You should be able to select filter and see a list of every staff roles.

Staff_Staff_Search_7 Staff_Staff_Search_8



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