FM15: How to find regens & Youth Intake Day

In previous Football Manager editions was the rule that Regens came to your team on the same dates. With the coming of FM15 system changed a little. Respectively, the terms have changed. Dates no longer have fixed. But …

Youth Intake Day is really changing in some countries, but not so in all cases. In smaller countries are still repeating the same date and in small states that you do not have active, it happened that there are not any new players in the teams.

Although specific alternate days, but they are fixed, which means that there is set a cycle within fourteen days.

Thanks to the table Passion4FM site I found that in the Czech Republic Yount Intake Day took place on the following dates: 2015: March 12; 2016: March 4; 2017: March 13; 2018: March 10; 2019: March 9.

What „regens“ are?

Regens are randomly generated players, or staffs who have to replace those in the default database. It is still in the game a possibility that there will appear a son. You will know generated players very easily – they have generated face. If you do not want default faces, you can use some addons. For example DEBSKIS WORLD OF HAIRSTYLES – HERE.

Generated players is usually between fourteen to sixteen years. You may also occur “gener”, who is 21 years old. Generated players will improve/worsen as players in the default database, and it’s up to you how you will work with them.

Their increase/decrease of the potential affects of course a lot of factors – from the level and quality club facilities to skills of your coaches. Approximately after some twenty years later, around 2035/2036 season game should contain only generated players.

Where to find regens?

On the day when new players will be added to the club you receive message in your mailbox. You can visit the match between your team and your youth squad, or give up on him, too. A subsequent decision to let contracts up on the assistant, scout, Head of Youth Development or Director of Football.

If you want to find generated players around the world, it’s not a problem. Just open the “Search Overview -> World -> Transfers -> Youth Intake”. Here you can see a list of players including the date of Youth Intake Day held in those countries and clubs. Here you can then select the month and to find a player and possibly by a specific country.

image       yi3       yi2

The second option is to open a “Scouting” screen. Here you can filter out the players by age. If you specify a maximum age of 16 years there is 98% certain that in the list will be only newly generated players because young players from the default database are older. The Day when new young players come to your club could be crucial for further development of your save.

Why? When you find generated players at other clubs, you can instantly send a scout to analyze and possibly sign a contract with him before another club does it. It could be very helpful if you send your scouts to the country where the Youth Intake Day proceeds because there may occur a potential future star.

If you want to check concrete countries and dates, visit Passion4FM and this article – HERE

Or you can watch this video by Statistical Approach


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