FM: Player Tutoring

Player Tutoring. This is a “feature”, which allows you to specify players in your team who will be in charge of one of the younger players and he will try to pass some of their experiences and teach him some of his strengths. On how will this “education” run, affects several key things.

Its role in how long the “partnership” between the two players take to play personality attributes footballers. In addition to attribute determination to play the biggest role personal liking. If a relationship develops between the players in the right direction, “tutoring” can take up to six months, during which notonly improves some of the attributes and abilities of young players, but also with each other “befriend”.

But they can also occur a situation where a specific two players will not fall into the eye and “tutoring” will end after a few weeks and the interrelationship players miss any transformation or worsen. Despite the fact that there would be an end to mutual cooperation before, there is a chance that the young player learns something.

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The Advantages of Tutoring

Tutoring is especially beneficial to make your young players improve. This is the main objective of this function. The biggest advantage is that it does not cost you any money. If the young players improve “Professionalism” and “Ambition” attributes there is a big chance, it will have better access to trainings and will improve faster. If the young players improve “Determination” attributes, it will have a positive effect on his performance in the matches.

David Lafata_ Development Training

Another positive is that young player can take over from his “teacher” one of the preferred moves that players can not be determined for individual training. These are preferred movements:

  • Argues with Officials
  • Stops Play
  • Gets Forward Whenever Possible
  • Hold Position
  • Arrives Late In Opponents Area
  • Curls Ball
  • Tries to play way out of trouble

If the actual tutoring between the two players went smoothly, it has a positive impact not only on the specific relationship between two players, but the whole team – specifically on team morale and cohesion. At the same time, this experience in terms of absorption of experience may be good for young players for the future and can be turned later tutor.

When to tutor?

The sooner the better. For one simple reason – when a young player will have better attributes and better reputation than the older player, the young player will not want to learn.

Tutoring Conditions

You can set up tutoring in a private conversation with a particular player. Just open a private conversation -> then Development -> Tutoring -> select a young player from the list that you want to work.

  • The Tutor must have a higher reputation than the tutee. You can view a player’s reputation description on the information screen of player’s profile.
  • The tutor and tutee must share a good level of familiarity with a common position.
  • The tutor must be at least 24 years old, although your captain can be a tutor at any age.
  • The tutee must be no more than 23 years old.
  • The tutee must not already be an established member of the first team squad a must have rotation or lower squad status. The Tutor mus have sufficient importance within squad.
  • Both must not be injured and the tutor must not be undertaking preferred move training.
  • The tutor can only tutor one player at a time and cannot tutor another player earlier than five weeks after previous tutoring finished.

You can also select the Tutor in concrete young player’s profile when you hover on Development -> Training, which is at the bottom of the screen tab “Most Suitable Tutors”. If it is not a recommended player there will be listed reason why this is so.

Radoslav Kovac_ Development Training    Ladislav Krejci_ Development Training    Miroslav Miller_ Development Training    Ivan Schranz_ Development Training

There are two different forms, which differ from each other and are based on phrases that you choose in a private discussion.

  • I’d like you to tutor as I feel you can help improve his game – This option guarantees that the teacher will try to learn some of their preferred movements.
  • I think it would be beneficial if you were to také under your wing and mentor him off the pitch – this is the opposite. He will not learn any of the preferred movements.

Both options have an impact on the personal attributes and determination attribute. The second option is useful when the tutor has no preferred moves, so he should not tutee what to teach and would only waste time together. At that moment, it is better to choose the second phrase.

David Lafata_ Interaction Private Chat

How to choose right Tutor

For those who want to do precisely and not only randomly, this is probably the most important part. For right tutor choice you need to look at the character/personality attributes of players. Of course, applies a simple equation: if a player has a higher personality attributes there is a high probability that he will be a good choice as a tutor.

  • Tutor should have a positive personality. He should have the highest attribute of professionalism because tutee will see a role model in him. Together with the attribute “Ambition” is the best combination to force a young player to wearing the most worked in practice, and thus to improve.
  • Tutor should have the highest Determination attribute. This attribute has no bearing on the improvement of the players, but it helps in matches.
  • Both players (tutor/tutee) should have the same or similar personalities to avoid problems between the them, which could have a negative impact on the entire team.
  • It is practical and useful to pay attention mainly to the best young players and select just those greatest hopes the best tutor than to give tutor to young players that you know they will never play for you First team. But if you have a lot of experienced players who could be tutors you can also use them on players that you know that the A team will not enforce. Thanks to the “teaching” they will have the opportunity to improve and there is a chance that you will preferably sell them.

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