FM Guide: Youth Intake

In most of my games in Football Manager I try to play with young players. In the last five editions of FM none of my teams had an average age of more than 22 years. An important part of these games is Youth Intake, thus recruiting young players. When playing in the lower leagues for small clubs is currently recruiting young players is one of the key ways to possibly get money for selling them.

The main difference between the generated new players is their potential, which decides whether they have a chance to push your team. Furthermore, it is an integral part of your device training and youth facilities.

This article is focused on the five most important aspects that can affect your recruiting new players.

Youth training – increase the ability of existing and newly-generated players

It is no coincidence that the item is at the first place. The better the youth coaches you have, the greater the chances that your young men will improve faster. At the same time, the more money you invest in this area, your Genero” will have a much greater chance that after their arrival in the club will approach the qualities of the players in the reserve team, and some even A team. So if you want to have the best young players, it is necessary to invest in coaches.

Levels of Youth Training:
  • Minimal
  • Basic
  • Adequate
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Exceptional

To Achieve better youth training can also thanks to interviews with the management team, which must release the necessary resources to enhance your performance in this area. Is there a risk that they will not allow it  because a bad financial status or they should prefer to give priority to buying ready-made players.


Recruitment of young players increases the potential ability of a newly-generated players

If you want youngsters with the greatest potential, you have to look on the size of the area in which you can search new players. This obviously applies to your scouts. If you play for Real Madrid, you have unlimited possibilities and you can search for players around the world, which means that the recruitment of new players is a strong likelihood that there will be youngsters from other countries than from Spain. However, in the case of clubs from lower leagues it is quite the opposite and the recruitment of young players mainly a local matter.

Levels of recruitment:
  • Limited
  • Basic
  • Fairly Basic
  • Average
  • Above Average
  • Established
  • Well Established
  • Extensive

Again, you can ask for improvements in this area, in an interview with the management, which can give you the funds to expand the area in which you can move and look for new players.

The person responsible for the young players (Head of Youth Development/Director of Football/Head Coach/Youth coach etc.)

There should play a major role in the game character acting under the title “Head of Youth Development,” or if the head of the youth section. This role was to FM implemented in year 2013 as one of the new characters of the team. You have the option to leave everything up to him – from training through the arrivals/departures of young players, find new clubs on the transfer/loan to the recruitment of young players.

He can also be youth team coach. About who the players get through to your youth team through recruitment decides mostly attributes “Judging Player Potential”, under which you then recommends that players take. He should also has the highest attributes of “Working With Youngsters’ and “Training”.

There is nothing easier than when you find capable Head of Youth Development, which will then take care of the adoption of the best youth coaches, but it is obviously up to each of you as you gaine employees. It could be useful, if you are looking for a suitable person for this position, look to have on his preferred formation. It’s good if he has similar or even the same style as you. And it might help to better young players.

Youth facilities

Level of Youth facilities is an important part of the process for the recruitment of young players. The better course and other facilities, the greater the chance that any of your players become stars. Or at least the plates for the players and the team.

For those of you for whom the priority is the development of young players should be the improvement of junior equipment greater priority than training facility for the first team. On the other hand, the better the level of youth facilities and training space, the better for your entire club.

Board_  Board Meeting

High quality of Youth facilities can also be an important part of any of the transfers. You’re trying to get into your academy one of the talented players from another club and transfer may fail precisely on the fact that you do not have good training and youth facilities. Your device can help in deciding between the player and your other club. Of course, this is one of the most challenging items in terms of finance.

Levels of youth facilities:

  • Basic
  • Poor
  • Below Average
  • Adequate
  • Average
  • Good
  • Great
  • Superb
  • Excellent
  • Top

Scouting knowledge

Scouting knowledge and Scouting network is again very important. It has to do a lot with the aforementioned parts of the areas where everywhere you can watch and search players. On that basis, it depends on the players who are either just in your country, or from abroad. The more countries your scouts will visit, the scouts are more knowledgeable and expanding your network.

When it comes to a certain date, which is scheduled game between the existing players vs. your regens, it’s up to you if you want to visit this match or just wait, which one of your regens Head of Youth Development will select and recommend them for sign. The regens will remain in your youth team after the test match but some of them will be only as trialist.

Their trial contratcs can be immediately terminate if you are confident that the action of these players at the club has no meaning. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that contracts for new players usually ending June 30 of that year, just as they are leadership as a youth contract and therefore it is better to them to sign a professional contract that the club would not go.

Scouting_  Knowledge

If you want to read some tips about How to find regens & Youth Intake Day, check this ARTICLE.


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