FM15: Spartans FC Save Story Update: 2024/2025 Winter Transfers

After a very good first part of the season was the turn of winter Transfer deadline. We needed to strengthen several positions, especially in midfield.

Finally, we brought in four new players. Goalkeeper Aidan Kehoe, midfielders Dylan McMahon and Ian Milne and striker Brian McShane. He is the best goalscorer in this season and we bought him from Partick Thistle from just £1M. They really need money, I’d never sell him at such a ridiculous amount. He will be a great player for us with cooperation with Graham Paterson.

Aidan Kehoe_ Overview Profile Dylan McMahon_ Overview Profile Ian Milne_ Overview Profile Brian McShane_ Overview Profile

Two of our players were sold. The midfielder David Gill went to English Premier League side Brighton for £950K but the transfer my eventually rise to £1,5M. He went to our club for a free three years ago. And we sold defender Ryan Davis to Celtic for £500K, he did not want to extend the contract.

Transfers_  Transfer History

Back at Ainslie Park

In mid of February we can went back to our stadium. The planned expansion of Ainslie Park has been completed and the stadium now has capacity of 5000 (2504 seated). Matches in Europa League will be played at Easter Road Stadium.

Inbox_  Inbox-5

Celtic offer

No, thanks. That was my answer when I was invited to attend an interview with Celtic’s board in February. I will not leave Spartans by myself.

Inbox_  Inbox-4

Updated Squad

Squad_ Players Players

Previous parts of this season with Spartans FC – I. & II.


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