FM16: Five teams to manage, part II.

As I promised in the previous article there is „FM16 teams to manage, part II.“ In the first part I wrote about five clubs from five most popular and most watched nations. I didn’t choose teams from a top tier but some interesting teams which are in lower leagues and they have decent history in higher divisions.

In today’s post I tried to find some interesting clubs outside of the aforementioned countries (England, Spain, Germany, Italy & Spain). I like to play in countries like Serbia, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary or in the Scandinavia so I was looking for in some of these countries as well…

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FM16: Five teams to manage, part I.

Every year is the same. When new Football Manager is out I play two or three seasons with Reading FC or AC Sparta Prague and I’m searching what’s new. I always choose some unknown team or some team from lower league and I try to play with them for the rest of the year. In FM15 it’s save with Scottish side Spartans FC and it’s one of my best saves I’ve ever play in Football Manager for nearly twenty years.

I have some clubs in my mind for which I could play in FM16 but I’m still not resolved in which country I will play. There are many articles about “which club you should choose” or “the best clubs to manage in FM16” and etc.

I chose five teams from the “Big 5 nations” – England, Spain, Germany, Italy & France – of which I think it would be interesting to play for in Football Manager 2016. I will publish the same article with another five clubs but they will be from another countries which are not so much popular or prestigious… Continue reading

FM15: Spartans FC Update – 2030/2031: Another European failure

We are still unbeaten in domestic competitions after another season. We are now 221 games without defeat in Scottish Premier League. It takes from 20th September 2025 until 25th May 2031. We will see how long it will continue. But! We were unable to reach our main goal in the season which was to be one of the finalists of the Champions League. 

Transfers 2030/2031

What about transfers? We extended loan of the central defender Esteban Gentile from AC Milan for another season. We bought striker Armando Gagliardi from Rangers for a fee 750K £ and signed Spanish midfielder Joseba Arregi for a free. That’s all.  Continue reading

Pre-order Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016 pre-order has started alongside the announcements that confirmed the FM16 release date, unveiled the key FM16 new features. Sports Interactive are revealing minor new features every day via their Twitter and via Miles Jacobson Twitter.

The FM16 pre-order will grant you a gift copy of An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary in your Steam inventory, regardless whether you go for the digital or the boxed edition. But there is one very important change this year.  Continue reading

FM16: shirts or squares? Functionality video speaks for itself

One of the most discussed new features of Football Manager 2016 was (or still is) Tactics Screen because there are no shirts. FM fans from all around the world, including myself, were little confused, surprised…someone maybe annoyed.

I think people from SI and Miles Jacobson himself just did not expect such a response on this matter. I discovered something like a petition at one forum and users wanted to sent it to Miles because they wanted shirts back in game… Continue reading

FM15: Spartans FC Update – 2029/2030: Still waiting for Champions League glory

Spartans FC is unbeatable team in Scotland. We won all three domestic competitions without defeat again. Only difference was that we were unable to win every league matches same as in the last two seasons. But even so we won the Scottish Premier League eleven points ahead of Celtic and twenty seven points ahead of Motherwell.  Continue reading

FM15: Spartans FC Update – 2028/2029: Domestic domination continues

After very long time, almost two months, I had some time to play #FM15. In previous last season my Spartans FC won the Scottish Premier League without losing a single point. And now I can say that we repeated it again. The same success, 38 league matches = 38 wins. And yes, we won all matches in Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup as well.  Continue reading