Pre-order Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016 pre-order has started alongside the announcements that confirmed the FM16 release date, unveiled the key FM16 new features. Sports Interactive are revealing minor new features every day via their Twitter and via Miles Jacobson Twitter.

The FM16 pre-order will grant you a gift copy of An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary in your Steam inventory, regardless whether you go for the digital or the boxed edition. But there is one very important change this year. 

If you pre-order new FM digitaly you will receive early beta acces same as last year. BUT! If you pre-order the boxed edition, you will not receive the code for beta version of the game and you will have to wait until November 13th when released day is. 

You can pre-order Football Manager 2016 WITHOUT 2 weeks early access of a pre-release beta version of the game thanks to my cooperation with Serbian FM! It’s very simple.

If want to buy FM16 for 33 €, just use coupon “keysirensie” and you will have discount from original price. How to do it? 

Go to this link -> -> Add to cart -> Click here to enter your code -> use “keysirensie” coupon and Apply Coupon -> fill in the billing details & place order!



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