FM16 Graphics Recommendations

There are too many options of graphics addons to Football Manager. Kits, faces, logos, backgrounds or another misc graphics like hairpacks or stadium pics. I put together something from each, I use myself.

graphics addons article


I use Cut Out Player Faces Meagapack for many years. It’s the biggest collection of Football Manager Player Faces available. All players are available in the default cut-out style. When you download our Football Manager Facepack, you’ll receive well over 160,000 new player faces to spice up your copy of Football Manager.

But there is another one which I discovered during FM15 and I like it very much. It’s Scope Faces Megapack by FM Scout. Their scope style facepack includes over 77,500 faces of players, staff and referees for all playable leagues on Football Manager. There will be update maybe when FM16 will be released.

© FM Scout


Possibly the most used megapack is Metallic Logos from Sortioutsi. “It contains over 26,000 Club logos, over 1000 Competition logos and every National Logo, Continental Logo and Flag in the game. It’s kept regularly up to date to ensure you always have best and latest Logos to make Football Manager even more attractive.”



One of my favorite logos megapack is Button Logos by FM Slovakia. This style was originally developed and released for Football Manager 2012 but works on every Football Manager. There are logos for National Federations, International competitions and logos of clubs from around the world from Albania to Wales.

The third logo pack is the newest one I use in Football Manager. This pack was developed by Stam from FM Scout and It’s Footbe Logos 2015. “The most unique and great looking logo style ever. Created for by Stam. Expanded for Football Manager 2015 and exclusively released on” 

26 leagues are fully covered, including clubs that used to be in those leagues since 2011 in v1.9.

@ FM Scout


Many of you use “SS Kits”. I was the same in previous years but now I use the great “FC’12” style. They are developing by FM Slovakia, Serbian FM & other authors within “FM Scout Project”.

Manchester City_

@ FM Slovakia, Serbian FM & others

Debski’s World Of Hairstyles – Regens Hair Pack

This pack includes over 2580 new fresh looking hairstyles from all over the world, to make you never want play the game again without it! Try them out yourself, and see what I am talking about, it will make you wanna keep even the most rubbish of regens, just because they look so good!

Everything tested on light and dark skins, working like a charm.

Save game compatible, and goes perfectly along other installed graphics (hairpacks, logos, kits and so on).


@ EmilDebski

How to Install the Regen Hair Pack by @StatApp

Stadium Superpack

This file does not display stadium images on the page background but only in the respective club or national team information page. The folder needs to be placed in Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > graphics.

“With permission from geordie1981, who started this pack originally, I’m uploading in one file the complete collection of stadium images so far, also including a large number of images which I’ve collected, created and added myself. kizar and Deano1903 also produced a good percentage of the images which are included in this pack. I have added stadium images from over 50 countries and over 100 divisions to bring the total image count to 5,524.”

Home_ Home

@ mons (

How to install?

  • Download
  • Unzip files and drop it to the following location: C:\User\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics.
  • Create the folder “graphics” if it doesn’t exist.
  • When you load up Football Manager 2016 go to the “Prefferences -> Clear cache -> Reload sking.” That’s all.

Player Profile Panels by ArtDekDok

Modified panels of several player profile screens as created by panel master ArtDekDok for Football Manager 2016.



@ ArtDekDok

Club Panels by ArtDekDok

Modified panels of several club screens as created by panel master ArtDekDok for Football Manager 2016.




Match In-Between Highlights

The match screen we have in Football Manager 2016 is a hybrid TV-Classic view mode where, if there are no highlights, you are left on the pitch view instead of switching back to the last panel you were on. That pitch view only has a small pop-up giving us some information like the old TV-View widgets.

The default FM16 panel has been improved slightly, but is still rather limited especially if you are using a larger resolution.

Michael Murray has modified the panel to use the adaptive panels used elsewhere in the game this means the panel will resize itself depending on what resolution you are using (meaning no editing of the xml file just to get it working) and will also display extra panels if you have the space…




It’s great work from all of you from FM Community and I want to thank for it! 


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