FM16: Backroom Staff Search Filter

If you like the Player Role Search Filter, you will definitely like this filter for Backroom Staff. With a search filter you can quickly and easily load various search conditions aimed at finding coaches, physios, scouts… There are search filters for every staff role in FM16.

staff search filter image

Filters are very easy to install. Download the file -> just drop that file into the following location: C:\User\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\filters. Create the folder “filters” if it doesn’t exist.

When you load up Football Manager 2016 go to the “Staff” screen -> “Staff search” and click “filter” on the right. Then “manage filters” -> “import”. Then select the file. You should be able to select filter and see a list of every staff roles. All conditions starts at 13. You can easily to change this value by “+/-“.

Staff Roles list:

  • Attacking Coach
  • Ball Control Coach
  • Assistant Manager
  • Defening Coach
  • Director of Football
  • Fitness Coach
  • GK – handling
  • GK – shot sopping
  • Head of Youth Development
  • Physio
  • Manager – reserves & youth team
  • Chief Scout
  • Scout – next opponent & roaming
  • Shooting Coach
  • Tactical Coach
  • Youth Coach

staff search filter



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