FM16: “The Academics”, part I – preview

When I searched an interesting clubs for Football Manager 2016 some time ago, I also discovered the Danish club Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe (or simply AB). And I decided to choose this club for my FM16 long term save after some research. This is the first post which we can call as a preview or basic information about the club and about the game itself.

the academics default

About AB

The club was formed in 1889 by a group of academics, and the only requirement to play for the club at that time was to be a university student. The club was dominant in early Danish football and won the Danish championship, which was introduced in 1913, in 1919 and 1921. In all, AB has won the championship on 9 occasions.

One of the most renowned players of the club is Harald Bohr, the brother of Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr, who himself played a number of games as goalkeeper. Other famous footballers from the AB history include Knud Lundberg, who represented the Danish national team in not one, but three sports (basketball, handball and football), and Karl Aage Hansen, who scored 17 goals in 22 matches for the national team.

480Since the 1970s, and especially after the introduction of professional football in the 80s, the club has had a difficult time and has been outside the topflight of Danish football. Although, the late 90s were an exception — in 1996 the club got promoted to the top Danish Superliga division, and enjoyed a couple of successful years, winning the Danish Cup in 1998–99, and finishing third in both 1999 and 2000.

In 2004 the club was relegated after a bad season. On top of the fact that they finished 11th, they were deducted 9 points as it was discovered that their player Ali Akida had been playing under a false name. In June 2012 the club was saved from bankruptcy by the majority of the city council.

The club play their matches at Gladsaxe Stadium with a capacity of 13,800, of which 8,000 are covered seats. The ground hosts international rugby league in Denmark as well.

Inbox_  Inbox-8

About this save

I loaded scandinavian countries – Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. Except Denmark first, second and third division I set up leagues as “View only”.

Football Manager 2016_ New Game Choose Nations-2

“The Academics” are in third tier called Danish 2nd Division and they are in the Group A. There are three groups and in every group are eight teams. Rules are simply. The first four teams reach qualification to Promotion Group, the last four teams will play in Relegation Group. During autumn part of the season we will play 14 games in Group A. The top 4 teams from each grup will compete for 2 spots in the 2016–17 Danish 1st Division and The bottom4 teams from each grup will compete to avoid the 4 relegations spots to the Denmark Series.

The minimum expectation is that the team get promoted by winning the 2nd Division this season. In Danish Pokale is the minimum expectation that the team reach Third Round. 

The main goal of this save will be to produce so many own players through own academy as we are capable. It’s my favorite way how to play. It will be a long journey…

Club Finances

When I started save I checked the club finances. Overall Balance is -£251,218. There is no transfer budget and club currently spending £8K per week on wages with wage budget is £7,610 per week. The club must pay debt around £100K until 2019.

Finances_ Finances Summary

Players, staff & changes

I will have to offload some players due to a bad financial situation and wage budget. There are too many players with wage around £300 per week and they are rubbish or they have very limited potential so I will try to sale or release them.

I have one assistant manager, two physios, one goalkeeping coach and one fitness coach. There are no Director of Football or Head of Youth Development. I do not have the option to extend the staff team, because the Board will not allow it in this moment.

We have also Reserve and Under 19 team. Reserve team have no staff, Under 19 team have manager, assistant manager, fitness coach and general coach. No chance to extend it. On the other hand, the club have Chairman, Managing Director and NINE Directors!

Staff_ Overview All

I will write about the squad and eventual transfers in the second part of this save and I will write about the tactic in next parts as well. 

I hope you will enjoy it.


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