FM16: “The Academics” – part II – Where is the Physio?

This is the second part of my save with AB Copenhagen. We will take a look at our squad, the first transfer window and the best IX in two formations. 

the academics default

I have very limited choices during transfer window so I had to bring some players on loan. That was my only option due to a bad financial situation. I had to release some players as I wrote in the first article about this save. I needed to cut wage budget primarily.

The result of our squad exodus was that sixteen players left our club including two transfers for some money. Linus Olsson moved to Djurgarden IF for a fee 43K and Tobias Thomsen moved to Skive IK for a fee 12K. Thanks to these two transfer we were able to move some money from transfer budget to wage budget so we do not pay more than we have allowed.

We brought five new players to the club. The first two of them are from FC Nordsjaelland which is our Senior Affilliate Club. We brought three midfielders, one defender and one forward who is able to play as a AMC as well. All of these five players will be first team players.

Adnan Mohammad_

Mathias Jensen_

Jeppe Hansen_

Marc Maze_

Nikola Saric_

Transfers_ Transfer History


What the fu*k is this? That was my first reaction when I realized that I have SEVEN long term injured players just only couple of weeks after the start of the save. Where is the doctor? There are injuries like torn knee ligaments, damaged cruciate ligaments or broken ankle (twice). A minimum of four players would be around starting line-up or key members of our team.

  • Goalkeepers – Jannich Storch will be my firts choice goalkeeper. Jensen is not good enough and Haslund has some potential.


  • Defenders – the best defender is Nicolai Hogh who is Central Defender. Another good defender is new player Marc Maze who will play on both sides of pitch.


  • Midfielders – there are some very good midfielders/wingers in our squad. All three on loan players are very good but I have very high expectations from William Kvist. He is 21 years old and he plays for Sweden Under 21 national team. He is very good as winger and insider forward as well. We have Ekrem Aydemir in our squad too, he plays for Turkey Under 19 national team and Adnan Mohammad is in Pakistan senior national team and he is considered as the second best Pakistan player in the whole world.


William Kvist
William Kvist

  • Forwards – the first choice would probably be Nikola Saric if he will be fit. There are Nichlas Rohde (he can play as winger too) and Simon Braemer which is very experienced striker with good heading and finishing but his physical attributes are getting lower and lower.


We have average age about 22 years but there are still some old players. I usualy play with the very young squad, I won the Scottish Premier League during FM15 with the team which had average age about 19 years so there will be more changes after the first season and the older players will leave the club.

We have to have a minimum of three outfield Under-21 players on the bench during domestic league games. That’s absolutely ideal for my type of the game.


I promised earlier that I will share some words about the tactic I will use during this game but that’s not the point of this article. I can only say I will play with my, little improved, 4-2-3-1 tactic from FM15 and I will play with 4-4-2 tactic which is still my favorite one. I want to develop this tactic to the best so I will try to play with it much more than with yet tested 4-2-3-1.

I will write more about the formations, instructions and etc. in some other post so there are only two screens with the best XI.

Squad_ Squad Depth Best XI-2

Squad_ Squad Depth Best XI


3 thoughts on “FM16: “The Academics” – part II – Where is the Physio?

  1. Cool., That’s my save too. I’m in 2020, and just finished 6th in the superliga. Very happy with that. I moved up the first year, then spent 3 years loosing out on promotion in playoffs berfore finnally going up.

    Too bad you sold Olsson, he is fantasic for this level.


  2. understandable :-)

    i’ve been a fan of the club, but have stopped going to matches so much.

    I’ve been there the last 3 seasons when we have played a win-or-go-down-thrillers in the last round of the div 1. Won them 3 times in a row, before finally going down last season. This season IRL has been ok, but not great. Into the promotion playoffs on 5th most points.

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