FM16: Attacking Corner Kicks Routines

After an articles about Throw In, Free Kicks and Defending Corners Routines for FM16, there is a bran new guide who is dedicated to my Attacking Corner Kicks Routines. Same as in the previous articles these Routines are available to download at the end of this article. Before the Routines themselves I want to write … Continue reading FM16: Attacking Corner Kicks Routines


FM16: “The Academics” – part XI – Step forward!

My time with Akademisk Boldklub moved farther again. The season 2018/2019 is over and I decided I will write one post about the whole season which was a very important for the future of all in the club. We made a big step forward because our club turned professional! There were two very important news … Continue reading FM16: “The Academics” – part XI – Step forward!