FM16: Attacking Corner Kicks Routines

After an articles about Throw In, Free Kicks and Defending Corners Routines for FM16, there is a bran new guide who is dedicated to my Attacking Corner Kicks Routines. Same as in the previous articles these Routines are available to download at the end of this article.

attacking corner kicks routines

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FM16: “The Academics” – part XI – Step forward!

My time with Akademisk Boldklub moved farther again. The season 2018/2019 is over and I decided I will write one post about the whole season which was a very important for the future of all in the club. We made a big step forward because our club turned professional!

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FM16: “The Academics” – part X – Money talks!

Hello everyone, this is the second part of the third season of my save with Akademisk Boldklub. We were tipped for relegation but we have fought for the promotion until the end. Sadly, it did not happen because we lost in Play-off. It was very good season in which our players gained a lot of experiences.

the academics default

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FM16: Free Kicks Routines

After the Throw In Routines I tried to set up Free Kicks Routines for Football Manager 2016 as well. I decided I will make attakcing and defending routines in one article together. I also wanted to thank you for a great response on the previous article about Throw Ins which got a fantastic feedback on social media.

free kicks routines

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FM16: “The Academics” – part IX – Youth forward!

After some other post at my blog I want to continue with the story from Denmark where I manage Akademisk Boldklub. After promotion in the first season and fifth place in the second season we are in the half of the second season in NordicBet Liga. I decided that the most of my youngsters will be in the Senior squad regardlesss their age. The result of this is that we have 17 players under the age of 20 in the first team!

the academics default

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FM16: How far can he go? – part I – Václav Černý

This is the first part of my new project at my blog. I wrote a similar articles in Czech language for my previous website but I had no time to did it during previous months for blog as well. The name of this project is “How far can he go?” which is probably clear for everyone. I made a save simulation and you can read about the career of some player. I chose Czech wonderkid Václav Černý as the first player. 


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FM16: Throw In Routines

The Set Pieces are very important for your success. We all know it. We also know that we have a new Set Piece creator thanks to Football Manager 2016 with Routines. I wrote about attacking and defensive corners during FM15 and I wanted to write something about Throw Ins because this Set Piece could be very big weapon for everyone. 

throw in routines

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