FM16: How far can he go? – part I – Václav Černý

This is the first part of my new project at my blog. I wrote a similar articles in Czech language for my previous website but I had no time to did it during previous months for blog as well. The name of this project is “How far can he go?” which is probably clear for everyone. I made a save simulation and you can read about the career of some player. I chose Czech wonderkid Václav Černý as the first player. 


He started his career in Příbram and he was attracted by bigger Czech clubs when he was just 13-14 years old but he stayed in Příbram until he was 15. He was also on trials with Juventus, HSV, Chelsea and Ajax. And he signed the youth contract with Ajax in January 2013 and he moved to Holland one year later when he was 16.

Goal by Černý in UEFA Youth Champions League

After another one year he signed a professional contract with the club and he signed a contract extension until 2020 in October 2015.

He became a part of the senior squad during summer 2015 and he made his debut in August in match against Tilburg and at the end of November he scored his first senior squad goal in Europa League game against Celtic.

He also became the youngest player of Czech Under-21 national team in all time history.

Season 2015/2016

This is Václav Černý at the start of the save. He is a player of Jong Ajax and he has a contract until 2020.

Vaclav Cerny_ Overview Profile

He stayed with Ajax for the first three seasons of this save and played mainly for Jong Ajax but he really struggled because of many injuries. He moved to Heracles on-loan before the 2018/2019 season and he played 38 games and scored four goals. It was very good loan for him.

Vaclav Cerny_ Reports Coach Report

He came back to Ajax and signed a new contract until 2020 but he played only three matches in Eredivisie and had some other injuries. There was an interest from PSG but they didn’t make a deal.

Vaclav Cerny_ Comparison Comparison

Season 2021/2022

In September 2021 Václav Černý joined Heracles for £500,000 and he signed a four year deal with this club where he was on loan in previous years. One year later he received the first Czech national team call-up.

Vaclav Cerny_-2

Season 2024/2025

One year before his contract would expire with Heracles he moved to France. The Ligue 1 side Montpellier signed him for £2,700,000. Černý signed a contract until 2027.

Vaclav Cerny_-3

After two years with Montpellier he signed a contract extension for another four years. The deal was very lucrative because he could earn about £3M.

He broke the Montpellier record for the fastest goal in the club history when he scored after 30 seconds in match against Marseille. He also became a regular starter in Czech National team.

Season 2027/2028

In June 2027 he changed club again. He signed a three year contract with FC Kobenhavn for a fee of 975,000.

Vaclav Cerny_ Overview Profile-2

Season 2030/2031

After three years in Denmark he decided to change nation again. He rejected a new contract offer from FC Kobenhavn and also rejected the offers from Norwich, Atalanta and Sassuolo and has agreed a deal with Sunderland. He was 32 years old before this season.

Vaclav Cerny_-4

July 2032

After two seasons with Sunderland Černý decided to retire from football. He has struggled to break into the first team and his career was over in his 34 years.

Vaclav Cerny_-5

…he became coach after his retirement.

Vaclav Cerny_ Overview Profile-3


In the first years of this save Černý had a many problems with injuries but after his move to France it was much better and he played more games and became a very good footballer.

There is a big hype about him in a real life and there are big expectations from all Czech fans. I think all of them hope he will have a great career and he will be a key member of national team for many years.

Thanks for reading. @KeysiRensie.


2 thoughts on “FM16: How far can he go? – part I – Václav Černý

  1. I’m currently in season 4 of my Ajax save and I can say he will end up being a real good player. Cerny is part of my first team squad for the last two years now and is really doing a great job. If you have any interest I can send some screens. Kind regards, David

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