FM16: “The Academics” – part XI – Step forward!

My time with Akademisk Boldklub moved farther again. The season 2018/2019 is over and I decided I will write one post about the whole season which was a very important for the future of all in the club. We made a big step forward because our club turned professional!

the academics default

There were two very important news before a season 2018/2019. The club turned professional which means that all club’s staf and players will be required to have full-time contracts in the future. AB board also increased the amount of staff.

The second nice news was that our scouting range was upgraded which means that we are able to scouting within Europe, not only in Denmark.

I signed a new two-year contract with the club. It was for the first time board offered me contract for more than one year.


Transfers – summer 2018/2019

It was very quiet year from our side. We released two players in the summer and young midfieldere Kristian Bernburg went on-loan to Sollerod. Young defender Brian Nielsen went on-loan to Nykobing at the end of January next year.

We included some of our youngster to the first team squad so I did not have to buy many players but there was chance to sign midfielder Mathias Jensen who was on-loan in our club two years ago and we signed him for £56K from Nordsjaelland.

If we needed some player it was a quality striker. I scouted for many many many weeks 18 years-old Bjarne Henriksen who started his career at Kolding but he was a part of Superliga side Silkeborg last season. We bought him for £130K.

During autumn we had to sign a new goalkeeper Daniel Krog for a free because our number one was injured for three months and we did not have third goalkeeper at this time.

Hard times came during winter transfer window because bigger clubs from Denmark, Sweden and Norway wanted many of our youngsters. The most wanted players was Nichlas Meyer, René Kirkegaard and Thomas Randrup. Czech Under-21 international player Simon Svoboda was wanted by AC Sparta Prague. But we have rejected every single offer for all our youngsters. Some of them was unhappy and they wanted to go but they stayed. Some of them signed a little improved contract.

AB Squad 2018/2019

DBU Pokalen 2018/2019

The minimum expectations was to go to Third Round of domestic cup. We beat Herlev in the 1st Round and Allerod in the 2nd Round. In both these matches we gave a chance to all our younsters and we won games with full rotated squad. It was a joy to watch.

We met FC Nordsjaelland in the 3rd Round and we won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Nichlas Rohde and we were through to 4th Round where we played against another Superliga side FC Midtjylland. It was fantastic match against a much stronger team. We were 1-0 up thanks to a goal by youngster René Kirkegaard but Rasmus Ullerup settled a draw. Both teams had a couple of chances in extra-time but the game went to penalties. We missed three penalties, Midtjylland only two so they were through.


AB v FC Midtjylland_ Pitch Split

Youth Intake 2018/2019

One of my favorite time during season – youth intake – and it was a good year. There were four players with 4**** potential including goalkeeper, two defenders and one midfielder. All these prospects you can see in screenshots.

There were a lot of good regens in every previous Youth Intakes but I would like to have at least one striker with some potential.

NordicBet Liga 2018/2019

We had a very good start to the league campaign with two wins and draw with Naestved. We played some very good matches during first part of the season like a 2-0 win vs. Fremad Amager or a 2-1 win against HB Koge for example.

We finished autumn part of the season with a 1-2 loss with SonderjyskE and we finished second in the table just one point behind SonderjyskE and one point ahead of AC Horsens and three points ahead of Esbjerg fB.

Only one disappointment was a lack of goals by Bjarne Henriksen and his performance in general.

The star was born

The second part of the season was absolutely brilliant from our side. We started with a 5-0 demolition win over Hvidovre. If I wrote at some lines above about disappointment of Henriksen, he scored hattrick in this first spring match.

He had a great winter pre-season part and became the most important player during whole spring part of the season. He was in the great form and scored 11 goals in 15 matches.

We lost points only in matches with Roskilde, Horsens, Fremad, Hvidovre and Horsens again. We’ve won ten matches during spring part of the season and  became a champions of NordicBet Liga 2018/2019. It means we will play the highest Danish division next season.

Dirty team?!?

We have set a new record for worst discipline in the NordicBet Liga during this season. We collected 71 Yellow Cards in 33 league matches.

When we lost to SonderjyskE in December we got five yellow cards and two red cards. We made 525 fouls in 33 league matches which means 16 fouls per match.


Stats 2018/2019

Nichlas Rohde and Bjarne Henriksen scored 13 goals in all competitions combined and they became the best goalscorers of the season. Central midfielder Thomas Randrup (regen) had the highest averate rating about 7.09.

Another younsters had the best stats as well – Nichlas Meyer made 8 assists, Christian Petersen had best pass completion about 79%. Thomas Randrup and Carsten Holm received 9 yellow cards in all competitions.

We scored 52 league goals (3rd highest) and conceded 23 (2nd best). We had the fifth highest average attendance with 1,370.



!New AB Stadium!

A couple of days after the end of this season board of the club annonced that the club will build a new stadium. Construction will cost around £8,75M and it will be finished in July 2021 with a capacity of around 10,000.


Thanks for reading. @KeysiRensie.



2 thoughts on “FM16: “The Academics” – part XI – Step forward!

  1. Congrats on the promotion! I think it’s rather unlikely that Ab should build a new stadium IRL, since Gladsaxe Stadium (Stade de Lundberg as it is call informmaly by fans, after a legendary player) is decent for the level, and could easily be upgraded.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment, Karsten ;) I thought the same about the Stadium when I saw pictures on internet and I was very surprised when this happened in game. Paradoxically, the cappacity will be less on new stadium.


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