Meet the…

Hi everyone, welcome to new blog post here. I decided a while ago I want to introduce some other writers, bloggers, YouTube creators or other websites. If you know Cleon’s website, you will also know that he did something similar with his “Community Focus“. 

And this is the first post in which you can read about website/forum. This website have more than 9.000 members and the main language is French.

fm europe

“FME was founded in 2004. On our website you can find a database update, which is our main product. But we also create some graphics as logos, kits or faces.

Moreover, there is also a Coaching Academy which helps the members who want to understand the tactic aspect of the game.

At last, you can write your story and/or read the stories of our members. We hope we will meet you soon on our forum.”

You can follow on…1148754_678528402193368_145114927_n


If you want to introduce your website, blog, YouTube channel or something else, just let me know in comment there. You can also contact me at Twitter or The size of article is up to you…

Thanks for reading.


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