Real footballers play Football Manager – part I. – Adam Jánoš

There are many real life footballers who play Football Manager in their free time or on their way to match or at the hotel and etc. I think the most of us saw pictures of Paul Pogba play FM during flight to the match destination. Many of us following English striker Adam Le Fondre who is very famous FM player and he often share his thoughts about FM on Twitter.


I knew that some of players of AC Sparta Prague are also FM players but I decided a few weeks ago I will make a short interviews with them about it. We were in Jerez for eleven days due to a training camp and some players spent their time between training sessions with Football Manager. They also played their saves in airplane when we were on the way back home.

And they just discovered that I have my own blog about Football Manager so it was harder to for me because they want some advice about tactics, training and etc. from that time :)

One of them is Adam Jánoš. He was born in 1992 and he was one of key players of Czech Republic Under 19 national team when they finished second at EURO Under 19 together with Ladislav Krejčí or Jakub Brabec and other AC Sparta Prague young and talented players.


He spent previous seasons on-loan in Czech highest divison and he played more than 50 league games. He was a member of Czech Under 21 national team during EURO Under 21 last summer in Czech Republic.

He came back this winter to AC Sparta Prague from Jihlava where he was on-loan. He was at training camp with Sparta but he moved to FK Mladá Boleslav just straight before the 2nd part of the 2015/2016 season began. He signed a contract until 2019. And he is very well established FM player.

Adam, since when do you play Football Manager?

I think it’s from 2006 so it’s been ten years.

What was the reason to start play FM?

I played the Czech Soccer Manager. This game was very popular and I think many people in the Czech Republic still playing this game. But I wanted to try something more difficult and detailed. I really enjoy when I have „the control“ about my team and I am able to develop club in overall.

How often do you play?

I play in my spare time, but my girlfriend has an important word :-)

What FM version do you favour? Full version or FM Touch?

Full version, definitely because it’s more detailed.

2D or 3D?

I prefer 2D view, I’m able to see more details of my tactics but sometimes I use 3D as well.

What new feature from current version do you like?

I’m pleased with improved style and types of communication with players before and during the match and also personal interviews with players were improved. I think it helps very much.

Do you like to play with big clubs or with small from lower leagues?

I’m that type of player who rather plays for smaller clubs and I always try to reach higher divisions, build my own reputation and then get offer from bigger clubs. But when I was younger and I started to play FM I played with bigger teams. But times have changed…

And what about players? Do you prefer young players or big stars and older players?

I mainly play with young players but when I have an opportunity to sign some good older players I do it in most cases. But it does not happen very often.

Adam Janos_ Overview Profile
The best position – Ball Winning Midfielder

What was your biggest success in Football Manager?

I remember that I started a save in Czech Second Divison and I became a manager of Valencia. I won all trophies with them. That was very good save.

Is there any player that you bought into any club or do you remember some unforgettable regen?

As I said before, when I started with FM I played with bigger clubs and I remember that I used to buy Jozy Altidore very often. He was a fantastic.

Do you buy yourself to the club which you are managing?

I don’t know what version it was but I bought myself once but I played only one season because I bought another players and I was not good enough to play in starting XI :)

Do you like your attributes in the game?

I think it’s not that bad in overall. It’s enough to play in Czech First Division but yes, everyone would like to be better but it depends on real life performances. I think I’m not that bad in jumping :)

Adam Janos_ Overview Profile-2

What is your favorite formation?

I mostly play with 4-2-3-1. I tried to set up 3-5-2 formation but I was not succesfull with it. My defence was very poor and I conceded so many goals. I have to say I was absolutely lost with that and I did not know what to do :)

There are many clubs or players who use FM as a research for players or information about clubs. Are you same?

Not at all but I always search how succesfull are my friends from real life football world. It’s interesting for which clubs they play.

Is there some area of game which you would like to improve in future?

It would be great if there would be improvements in finances for example negotiation with sponsors. And I would love if there would be a possibility to become member of board or some other position when my reputation will be higher and I will be in the club for a long time.

You can follow Adam on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks for reading.



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