Real footballers play Football Manager – part II. – Martin Frýdek

There are many real life footballers who play Football Manager in their free time or on their way to match or at the hotel and etc. I think the most of us saw pictures of Paul Pogba play FM during flight to the match destination. Many of us following English striker Adam Le Fondre who is very famous FM player and he often share his thoughts about FM on Twitter.

This is the second interview with AC Sparta Prague footballer. Martin Frýdek was born in 1992 and his father is very well known former midfielder of AC Sparta Prague, Leverkusen or Czech National Team. Martin Frýdek older is silver medalist from EURO 1996 in England.

His son, Martin Frýdek, played most of his career in Sparta Prague youth categories and he was promoted to the senior squad five years ago. He spent some time onloan in Senica and he moved to Slovan Liberec in winter 2013 as a part of Lukáš Vácha transfer to Sparta.


Martin played 64 league matches for Slovan Liberec in two and half season and he move back to Sparta Prague in summer 2015 for a permanent transfer. He developed to very good footballer thanks to a regular first team football during his time with Liberec and he received a call-up to senior National team as well.

He is able to play as left or right back, left or righ midfielder/winger and he also play as AMC this season. During pre-season camp he played also as a striker.

He scored fantastic goal against S.S. Lazio in Europa League Round of 16 with his weaker foot. You can watch it here.

Martin won the Champions League with czech side Hradec Králové in Football Manager three times and there is an interview about his Football Manager experiences.

Martin, since when do you play Football Manager?

I think it’s from 2012.

What was the reason to start play FM?

I play football my whole life and I wanted to play some video game where I would be able to buy players, make tactics and so on. I played the Czech Soccer Manager same as many people in Czech Republic but I wanted some more detailed after some time. So I started to play Football Manager.

Martin Frydek_ Overview Profile

How often do you play?

I play mainly when we are on the way to matches or when we are at training camps or hotels before match. I don’t play too much at home because I want to spend time with my girlfriend as well.

What FM version do you favour? Full version or FM Touch? 2D or 3D?

The full version and 3D match.

What new feature from current version do you like?

I like improvements in media communication part of the game. I like it much more than interviews in reall life… The 3D match is better and I like the scouting what I use more than when I started to play FM.

Do you like to play with big clubs or with small from lower leagues?

I always play for smaller clubs and I try to develop them to the one of the biggest club in the Europe or whole world.

And what about players? Do you prefer young players or big stars and older players?

I mainly play with young players. I have very low average age during my games. I really like to develop young players and I try to keep them in my club or sell them for big money. I don’t have more than one or two older players.

452a426d0dc7f866a7f06db39e99f703What was your biggest success in Football Manager?

It was definitely save with FC Hradec Králové from Czech Republic. I won the Champions League three times with them and it did not take too much time because I ended this save in 2025.

Is there any player that you bought into any club or do you remember some unforgettable regen?

As I said I mainly play with young players I can not remember someone. It’s mostly about developing young players which are not stars or famous wonderkids.

Do you buy yourself to the club which you are managing?

No, I don’t but everytime there is a new FM I take a look at my stats and attributes. I think I’m too good in game maybe…

What is your favorite formation?

In FM16 it’s 4-2-3-1 with three ACM, very ofensive. I like very ofensive tactic in overall.

Thanks for reading.

If you want to read an interview with Adam Jánoš, it’s HERE.



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