#FM17 | The Keysi Way | Reading FC | part II | 4-3-3

As I wrote in the first part of this story about my FM17 save with Reading FC I set up 4-3-3 tactic with control mentality and high structured team shape. The reason why I chose this formation was simply – I wanted to try something new. 

It’s a new FM so I did not want to play with same formation like during previous version.

header image royals save

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#FM17 | Player & Staff Role Search Filter

There it is! Same like in previous years I made Playr & Staff Role Search Filter for new Football Manager game. I made it mainly for myself but I decided to share it with you again. 

Both of these two filters were downloaded more than 20K during FM16 time as it was shared also via fmscout.com.

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#FM17 | The Keysi Way | Reading FC | part I

Hello everyone and welcome to the new blog post about Football Manager 2017. I’m sure there will be many great articles during the FM17 around the #WeAreTheCommunity and I will be very happy to be part of it. 

This post is about my FM17 save with Reading FC. I’m still not decided if this will be my main save for FM17 as I thought about a long term save in Greece with a beginning in third tier there.

header image royals save

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#FM17 | Short Corner Kick Routine

Hi everyone, after the article about Best header Free Kick Routine for the new Football Manager 2017, there is also on Corner Kick Routine by me. I published article with attacking and defensive routines last year but there you have only one attacking routine. It’s the short corner kick routine which works very well for me.

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#FM17: Custom Screen Views

I was asked about Custom Screen Views for Football Manager 2017 same like for FM16. I always make them for myself but there it is…

Same as last year these views are for 1600×900 resolution as I don’t have a big screen resolution of my laptop. They work great in Full mode and Windowed mode of Football Manager. It also works with “Maximised Borderless Windowed” (with this you will play FM like in Full Screen mode but it’s easier to go to another opened programme like browser or desktop etc.)  Continue reading

#FM17 | Best header Free Kick Routine

Last year I published articles about Attacking & Defensive Free Kick Routines as it was a new one in FM16 and we are able to set up three different set piece routines. This year is no different as tactics, training system or set piece creator is without major changes. 

I set up some routines and this is one of them. It’s attacking free kick “Best header” routine.  Continue reading

What to think about #FM17?

We all love this game. We love when our team move from fifth tier to Champions League, we love when our regen player turns in club legend, we love when our own tactic works without any mistake.

We also really like to hear about new features before the new FM version will be released and the traditional hype about new game is same as we were kids and we could not wait for Christmas.

This year is the same but very different because FM17 new features were revealed just about one week before the Beta version released date and many people were nervous, critical and abusive on the social networks. Continue reading

#FM17 | Teams to manage

Same as last year I tried to search some interesting clubs for new Football Manager game. The list of the teams bellow is not typical list of recurrent teams like Parma, Portsmouth, Manchester United etc. I selected teams from not so common nations because they are interesting for me. 

I hope one of them could be interesting for you as well and if not, sorry for that :)


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FM16: “The Academics” – part XXXV – Seventeen years with AB

Hi all, this is the last part of my FM16 AB save. You were able to read the last season summary and story about regen Nichlas Meyer in recent time and this part is about club changes during the long seventeen years with the club. 

We started as semi-proffesional club and ended as the best Danish club and part of the Champions League knockout stages.

the academics default

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