What to think about #FM17?

We all love this game. We love when our team move from fifth tier to Champions League, we love when our regen player turns in club legend, we love when our own tactic works without any mistake.

We also really like to hear about new features before the new FM version will be released and the traditional hype about new game is same as we were kids and we could not wait for Christmas.

This year is the same but very different because FM17 new features were revealed just about one week before the Beta version released date and many people were nervous, critical and abusive on the social networks.

I bought the new version many weeks ago before some new features were revealed. The detailed new feature video was released on Thursday 13th of October. Half an hour long video shows many new features as Miles Jacobson presented them to whole world.

I have to say, when I saw the FM17 for the first time my first thought was „It’s FM16…!?!“


Improvements to press conferences and story lines with manager rivalries.

When scouting players you now get a video of the player scouted with much more added detail. – football fans from whole world are always happy to see when their club signed uknown player after scouts watched him on YouTube. 

Social Media has it’s own tab, you can follow players/clubs as well as get fan feedback from it – yeah, fantastic key new feature for players who want to read feedback that our goalkeeper was unable to stop fifth cross from the half line. I know Miles and SI want to be more modern but Social Feed is the last thing I wanted in the new FM. I work with social networks in my real life job for six days in a week and I don’t want them in my favorite PC game as well. 


Better pre-match presentation………..

Backroom advice is now available on player profiles about that player and more detailed feedback – after couple hours of play I decided I have to ignore the yellow icon because my staff wanted to train one player every day something different and for diferent position.

Last year we introduced the new manager on the touchline feature, where you were able to create your own manager avatar. This time around we’ve taken that a step further by adding the capability to add your face to the game direct from a photo.

and 1000+ new features of course…

But what is really new? New in terms of key new features? Is really my face creature the key for succesful tactic? No way. Will social feed help me with set pieces? ……..

Why there is still only one option/place on the pitch when you set up your attacking corners? Why are we not able to place five players to “attack goalkeeper” or “attack near post”? I thought it’s from the real life football like social feed and press conferences…

How many real life football managers who read social media every day you know? “I don’t care about what was written in newspapers or what fans write on social media.” I work in football club in real life and this is the most common words by managers and players, so…

OK, young coaches and managers use to know social media but on the other hand we are not able to start a new save as a manager of youth teams because it’s boring for Miles Jacobson and SI. But start as a coach of youth national team is not boring for them…

I’m sorry but if one of the key new features are social feed, better pre-match presentation or manager avatar I’m very disappointed. This is really not what I wanted to be improved in my favorite game…


One of the new feature is Quick start when game decide what leagues and nations will be loaded depending on what team you select. And it’s because it will be faster. Ok, but I would expect this in FM Touch and not in full version of game because if you play full version you want full control of what you want to load like database, amount of players and etc.

Wet pitch…
I’m sorry to say Football Manager 2017 is Football Manager 2016 with small improvements and updated database. When I was an owner of Czech Football Manager site/forum we very often talked about the future of FM and new features in next versions.

You can improve ME or you can insert an avatar creator. What to choose?
We always finished our debate that one time it will be only new database and if it’s necessary to release new version every year if there are any new features. The important new features.

I hope this trend will not continue…

VIDEO: my striker won the ball → lost the ball → moved to attack instead of defending = conceded goal.

What I like? 

Well, I like the game itself but it’s because my long-term relationship with Football Manager, not thanks to new features.

If I like something it has to be small improvements in STATS. Mainly the Show Linked Events feature which mean you can see all the passes leading to goal or scoring chances and etc.


And probably the most liked feature by me will be support for 64 bit computers what mean it’ll take advantage of the 64bit architecture and the game should run faster. I can say, Yes, the game is much faster thanks to it.

I know this article is mainly critical but I 100% agree with Martin Morpain who wrote this on twitter: “putting so much effort into 0,025 % of the game is an absolute waste of time.”

I think it will be better to concentrate on match engine, training system, set piece creator or tactics improvements (training engine and tactical options are the same as in FM16…) but I’m only the player of the game, not creator of the game…I want more detailed training plans & training system in overall, more detailed set pieces and stuff like that, not my own avatar.

The words above are only my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me and I want to wish you all the best with Football Manager 2017 and your saves. Enjoy the game. If you will stick with some previous version enjoy it as well.

Thanks for reading, @KeysiRensie.

PS: FM17 own goal as we like…….




One thought on “What to think about #FM17?

  1. I think the social media part can be interesting, and I do like that they’ve added analysts and the like to make accessing information easier and cleaner to look at. That said, I feel like the match day experience has been slowly crawling along in terms of development, because Miles is too busy busy for facial scans so his unattractive mug can end up in-game, and adding stuff like vanishing spray and LED advert panels look nice, but this game has been largely the development and introduction of features that aren’t essential to the experience with what is essential being on the back burner.

    I don’t have it yet, this year I’m short on cash so I’m just waiting til around the holidays and a Steam sale, but features-wise, it has got interesting stuff in it, but it’s not exactly an amazing refresh of the last version.


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