#FM17 | Short Corner Kick Routine

Hi everyone, after the article about Best header Free Kick Routine for the new Football Manager 2017, there is also on Corner Kick Routine by me. I published article with attacking and defensive routines last year but there you have only one attacking routine. It’s the short corner kick routine which works very well for me.

Same as with Free Kicks the most important for Corners is the taker. The higher Corners attribute the better of course. You have to also choose carefully player who will be at Offer Short Option.

This player has to have very good attributes of Crossing, Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Anticipation and Decisions. He has to always decide cleverly what he will do after the first short pass from the corner taker.


Cross to the penalty area? Pass the ball back? Go to the penalty area? It’s really up to this player so Decisions attribute is very important.

I have experiences that there will be cross to the penalty area in most cases and he very rarely make something by himself.


And due to common crosses I have some other players there :)

  • Lurk Outside Area – looking for loose balls, finishing, passing back to corners taker
  • Attack Ball From Deep – attack from the edge of the area. Good in case cross is not placed to near post.
  • Attack Near Post – important to have there player with good Jumping Reach, Strength or Bravery.
  • Near Post Flick On – this player could be very useful when first shot is deflected or the ball is crossed straight to the post.
  • Challenge Keeper – I would be really happy if we could place more then only one player in this position but It’s not possible.
  • Attack Far Post – easy last choice as cross could be longer and there is our player with 18+ Jumping Reach, Strength and Heading attributes.

One or two player always stay back and there is also one player in the penalty area as “Go Forward”.


Short Corner Kick Routine

I’m happy as I scored 10 from my last 22 goals from corner kicks with this short routine included.


But If you are interested in some different routine, check this article by @MerryGuido → HERE.

If you download these Free Kicks Routines and you want to use them in game you have to put files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\set pieces. In game you have to go to Tactics/Set Pieces/Corners and Load Routine(s).

Thanks for reading, @KeysiRensie.


5 thoughts on “#FM17 | Short Corner Kick Routine

  1. Anyone know how I get the guy who offers short option to knock it back to the taker like in the above example? Mine just takes it short and the guy runs off with the ball to try and cross/pass/shoot.


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