#FM17 | Reading FC | part VII | Keep it tight £££

Hey ladies… I decided a few days ago I will write something about financial site of my save with Reading FC. Important – this is not guide “how to make it” in any case. I just only wanted to share some my toughts how I play the game, what I like to do and what I don’t.

In the beginning it’s important to say I’m very old-fashioned player as I hate big money transfers. Maybe it’s too hard to say I hate it. It would be better to call it “I don’t know how to splash spend 20+ milions for one player.”


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#FM17 | Reading FC | part VI | Record breakers

The third season with Reading FC is over. And it was magnificent season for the club in the Championship. After summer tactical changes players performed absolutely great for the whole season and the result of it were some new league and club records. 

We also finished the season unbeaten what is fantastic achievement in my eyes.


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#FM17 | The Keysi Way | Reading FC | part V | 4-3-1-2

As I wrote at the end of the last part of my save with Reading I decided to change our formation from 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2. It was very important decision for the third season as I wanted to make bigger impact in the Championship and finish higher than tenth in the league. 

This post is not about results in the league and cup competitions but only about the new formation. Season summary will follow in the next post and you can expect more than good results.

header image royals save

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#FM17 | The Keysi Way | Reading FC | part IV | Second season

Hello everyone! This is the summary of my second season with Reading FC in Football Manager 2017. After the Play-off collapse at the end of the first season we continued in my way with this great club.

Thanks to overachieving performances and results in the first season and reaching the Play-off Final I signed a two-year contract exension so I’m able to continue as a manager of Reading.

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#FM17 | The Keysi Way | Reading FC | part III | Almost promoted

You were able to read first two posts about this Football Manager 2017 save with Reading FC about my start with the club, transfers, finances or tactics. This post is about our performances during the first season in Championship. 

We were tipped to finish 14th in the league but we beat the odds…

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#FM17 Graphics Recommendation

There are too many options of graphics add-ons to Football Manager. Kits, faces, logos, backgrounds or another misc graphics like hair packs or stadium pics. I put together something from each, I use myself.

I know many people who don’t use graphics add-ons but I think most of us use at least custom logos or kits. Many of you make your own kits and you share them in your blog posts or on Twitter.

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#FM17 | Short Free Kick Routine

Well, you know I’m a little bit afflicted on Set Pieces. I love them from my childhood. Always love to remeber times when I was a schoolboy and my father was a member of coaching staff of my youth team in our small town.

We always tried to create new set pieces together with him and some of my teammates and we gave them names after our favorite girls from school. Continue reading