#FM17 Graphics Recommendation

There are too many options of graphics add-ons to Football Manager. Kits, faces, logos, backgrounds or another misc graphics like hair packs or stadium pics. I put together something from each, I use myself.

I know many people who don’t use graphics add-ons but I think most of us use at least custom logos or kits. Many of you make your own kits and you share them in your blog posts or on Twitter.

Same as last year I put together some graphics add-ons what I like and use in the game.



I recently updated the DF11 Facepacks megapack and added them back to the game. DF11 Facepacks was founded in 2010 by the idea to create a face pack for Football Manager in portrait style. Why? A portrait styled face looks smooth, classy and uniform in Football Manager.

The original DF11 face is sized 260×310.It includes over 87,500 faces, covering 78 playable leagues worldwide in Football Manager. At the end of each month, there will be a new update so you can keep your mega pack and add new or updated pictures of players or staff.

DF11-Keysi (2)

© DF11 Facepacks

I also use Cut Out Player Faces Megapack for many years. It’s the biggest collection of Football Manager Player Faces available. All players are available in the default cut-out style. When you download our Football Manager Facepack, you’ll receive well over 176,736 player faces to spice up your copy of Football Manager.

There are also icon faces in the pack so you will have small cut-out faces in pop windows or in some menu when you click with your right mouse button on the player(s).

© Sortitoutsi.net


My most favourite logo pack is the Footbe logos. This pack was developed by Stam from FM Scout. 31 leagues are fully covered, including clubs that used to be in those leagues since 2011.

The most unique and great looking logo style ever. Created for footbe.net by Stam. Expanded for Football Manager and exclusively available on fmscout.com.


© FM Scout

In combination with Footbe Logos I use Standard Logo Pack from FMScout.

“Over 42,000 club and competition logos in original state (no effects) for Football Manager 2017. Largest logos megapack for FM17. An fmscout.com exclusive.”


© FM Scout


Many of you use “SS Kits”. I’m the same but now I use also the great “FC’12” style. They are developed by FM Slovakia, Serbian FM & other authors within Allstar Kitmakers.


© FM Slovakia, Serbian FM & others

Smart Shirt Designer 2

If you followed my FM16 save with Akademisk Boldklub you know I made custom kits before almost every season. As I don’t have Photoshop and templates not work properly with Gimp I use Smart Shirt Designer.


It’s very useful tool and you can create your own kits in many many variations thanks to it. You can use all default templates itself or you can combine some of them in advance creator. You can use templates for shirt, collar and brand.

You can also add your own logo or club badge and move it around the shirt.


© FM Scout


As there are only default pictures of trophies in the game you probably will like this pack of trophies images from all around the world. Your history screen in the game will be much nicer with it.


© DazS8

Stadium Superpack

This file does not display stadium images as background but only in the club or national team information page. The folder needs to be placed in Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2017 > graphics.

Over 6,100 pictures of stadiums worldwide to use with Football Manager 2017. Stadiums will show up on various screens, including team info, news & match day.


© FM Scout

How to install?

  • Download
  • Unzip files and drop it to the following location: C:\User\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics.
  • Create the folder “graphics” if it doesn’t exist.
  • When you load up Football Manager 2016 go to the “Preferences -> Clear cache -> Reload skin.” That’s all.

Match In-Between Highlights Mod

The match screen we have in Football Manager 2017 is again a hybrid TV-Classic view mode where, if there are no highlights, you are left on the pitch view instead of switching back to the last panel you were on. That pitch view only has a small pop-up giving us some information like the old TV-View widgets.

The default FM17 panel has been improved slightly but is still rather limited especially if you are using a larger resolution.

Michael Murray has modified the panel to use the adaptive panels used elsewhere in the game this means the panel will resize itself depending on what resolution you are using (meaning no editing of the XML file just to get it working) and will also display extra panels if you have space…

I use Match Highlights Wide Mod…


© michaeltmurrayuk

Match Screen Kits Mod

Another mod from the same author is about the Kits. You can add kits instead of club crests to the Match Overview screen.


© michaeltmurrayuk


I was aked many times during the recent weeks how I make and upload GIF videos on Twitter. So I decided I will put it there as well.

For GIF I use gyazo.com. If you download it you can pin shortcuts for GIF and Image capture to your taskbar. Then you only click on the icon and you can capture screen or gif

And if you sign up you can also have an on-line library with your captured screens and gifs so you can go back to history what you took. You can share the gif through from gyazo.com with a link or you can download it as an image and share it straight on Twitter. You can also download the gif as a .mp4 file.

Thanks to you all who make the perfect content for the Football Manager Community, @KeysiRensie.


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