#FM17 | Reading FC | part VII | Keep it tight £££

Hey ladies… I decided a few days ago I will write something about financial site of my save with Reading FC. Important – this is not guide “how to make it” in any case. I just only wanted to share some my toughts how I play the game, what I like to do and what I don’t.

In the beginning it’s important to say I’m very old-fashioned player as I hate big money transfers. Maybe it’s too hard to say I hate it. It would be better to call it “I don’t know how to splash spend 20+ milions for one player.”


I have a problem when I find great player and I would have to pay more than 5M for him. The save in England is great for player like me, is it? :)

If you want to buy 18-years old English player you have to spend big money. If you have this play already in the team thanks to your own youth recruitment he will want 40k p/w after he played 10 matches and scored three goals because of “his importance to the squad”.

This save is school of assertiveness, arrogance and game of nerves for me.

As I mentioned in the first post about this save Reading owners are from Thailand. Some of may think there will be a lot of money for transfers. The answer is no.

Finances at the start of the save


Finances at the end of 2016/2017 season

If you read previous parts of this save you know I reduce wages a little during my time with the club. It was around 60K p/w during first season and around 90K p/w during second season thanks to departures of high paid players.

The biggest problem is “Yearly Wige Rise” clause what 99% of players have in their contracts.


We started with wage budget around 360K p/w and before the third season it was the same but due to wage increase of most of players thanks to this clause we were spending about 350K p/w instead of 230-250K p/w.

One story says all…

Our academy graduate Josh Barrett is 18-years old at the start of the save and he earns 2,5K p/w. I played him during two first seasons very often as I wanted to make him our key player.

Three weeks after the start of the save there were several bids from clubs like West Ham, Leicester or Stoke for him. Of course, he wanted to move to a bigger club. I refused to sell him for a fee around 5M despite he was valued only 600K. He was unhappy and wanted to move.

After a couple of weeks he accepted his stay in Reading and became starting XI player. Three months later he signed a new contract with wage of 5k p/w. He has good two seasons and during the second one he wanted a new contract to reflect his importance to the team. “OK, I will offer you a new contract…”

“I want to be key player and I want 40K p/w with bonuses…”


It will cost us around 58K p/w in total if I accepted it. He was nineteen and he played around 30 competitive matches in senior football.


I refused to pay him that money. He had contract until 2022 so…he was very unhappy and every three weeks he wants to talk about that situation but even that he has a good morale and it not affected our team.

Similar story is there with another players. For example Tennai Watson. This young defender was not needed player in the first season when he was on loan. I gave him chance to play in Championship and during the 2018/2019 season, when we gained promotion, he wanted wage around 50K p/w.


It’s incredible. I don’t have a specific wage limit as one of condition or rule of this save. It’s all about my personal feelings.

I know wages will increased when I will be far in the save if I will play about Premier League title or in the Champions League but I can’t give 50K p/w to player who played 30 competitive matches. I don’t know how and that’s why I called this save game of nerves.

Premier League effect

After our promotion to the Premier League the wage budget was increased to 535K p/w. I always want to keep it at least 100k under the budget but due to yearly wage rise clause it was impossible and at the end of the season we were just only 50k p/w under the budget.

premier-league_-overview-rules2If you play or played in Championship or lower you know that you receive huge money after you are promoted to the Premier League thanks to TV rights. I receive 84.72M for PL promotion.

The promotion could affect your finances in positive way in other aspects – I sold 17,153 season tickets, almost about 5000 more than before previous season.

In numbers – we earned 9,8M for season tickets this season. Last season it was 6,5M.

If we talk about tickets. We had all 19 home matches sold out. In numbers – last season 7,2M – this year 10,25M.

Prize money, TV rights income, tickets, merchandising… …everything was increased and it means we finished the first Premier League season with overall balance around 93M. Before the season we had 12M.

Reading’s Salary per annum – 21,82M, the lowest from the Premier League. Derby County is 19th in this table with 36M and Manchester City first with 219M.

The projection screen shows that our wages will increase more and more in next years if it remain same. My philosophy will also remain same – not buy expensive players, play with my own players with lower wage and sell most of players who moan about wages.


After the end of the 2019/2020 season, the first one in Premier League, we have three players with wage higher than 35K per week. They are key players and only one of them have contract just for only one year. So I will have to resolve if I will extend his contract = wage increase or I will sell him.

For example, our keeper number one has wage around 3K p/w…

This article is almost in the end. How it ended with Josh Barrett and his salary? He has contract until 2022 with a wage of 20,5K p/w. He is 22-years old and he wants 70K p/w after our promotion. He came with this request day after he resumed the full training after 5 months injury…


As I said, this is not guide how you should do it. This is my way as I want to keep it tight…

And something for the next season. New 5 year deal worth 25,5M after the the end of the first season in Premier League ⇓


If you want to read something much more detailed, go to The Higher Tempo Press and read @comeontheoviedo‘s article → THIS.

Thank you for reading, @KeysiRensie.




2 thoughts on “#FM17 | Reading FC | part VII | Keep it tight £££

  1. Totally agreed with what you are saying about wages. I think that part of the game needs reworking as transfer fees for young players. Both IMHO are broken.

    Any player who came asking for a pay rise after returning from a 5 month injury would just be laughed at my any manager.

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