Football Manager 2017 | 0.1 The first steps

So where do I start with this journey that my life is, I guess I will start at the point where for some people I dropped off the radar for some people.

In 2002 I was living in London in an area called Albert Square. Some people who are from the UK will know Albert Square, sometimes it’s on TV. OK, OK it’s on TV 3 times a week and is a fictional area of London.

header image asia journeyman

Never the less this is where I Beppe DiMarco lived and worked, I was a police officer and I made massive mistake life changing mistake.

If I am honest I was kicked out the police force for trying to frame Grant Mitchell. I am not proud of that decision but there is also nothing I can do will change it.

15 year ago feels like a lifetime now

That horrendous mistake sent my life in to a tailspin and I took work as a London Cabbie, after that I was a manager of a club in Albert Square then in 2002 there was death in the family and I had to leave London and go to Italy and help my family.

Again my life was in pieces and I had to start again.

Being from both English and Italian heritage football was in my blood. I get to suffer the joys of both national teams and double the heartache when ultimately they fail and the blasted Germans win again.

Working in football I think is a boyhood dream for millions of boys both English and Italian. Unfortunately I am no longer a boy I am a 46 year old man and for some reason I still think I can have an impact on the footballing world.

Still having fun on the pitch

I send off an email to the English FA and the Italian FA asking where I should start on the footballing tree.

The English FA send me a cut and pasted email explaining the football pyramid in England and price list for their courses. 150 Pounds is the cost of the first course and then up to 2450 Pounds to get a B License.

I would need a B License to work in a English clubs Academy. I don’t know what happened to the reply from the Italian FA, I called them and they confirmed they got my email and they said they replied, well I never got it.

So I asked them to forward the reply again, I then got pushed around a few people as they tired to help me. Frustrated I gave up and sat down with a cup of tea.

Where do I go from here???

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