Football Manager 2017 | 0.2 The Second Steps

So with no reply or luck getting a reply from the Italian FA, I decide what the hell lets go back the UK and get my football career started. I enter the taxi on my way to Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli, excited and scared at the same time.

Who would be willing to take a chance on someone who has no experience from with in the world of football. The course is only for 150 pounds so worst case I will have more of insight of the game.

header image asia journeyman

Check in done, luggage all checked in 2 hours kill before BA 2613 boards so I find myself a seat in one of many cafe’s in the airport.

Airports are strange places they seem to operate in a time vacuum with people arriving and departing. Of course no matter what airport you are in the pricing of everything is insane.

But what can you do when you are trapped in a building? I sit down and begin to enjoy my last Italian coffee for a few weeks.


I am woken from my people watching slumber by my phone violently ringing at full volume, I forgot to turn it down when I set my alarm…

Hello is that Peppe DiMarco the voice says?

Yes, I am Peppe DiMarco.

Hi, this is Susan from The FA. You are starting your coaching course in a few days but I noticed on your application form that your passport number is wrong.

She repeats the number back to me and I noticed that I had used my Italian passport number and not my British Passport. I explain this to her and she says okay that is no problem, looking forward to seeing later in the week.

Susan then asks if she can ask me a few marketing questions, the only one worth mentioning is she wanted to know why I was doing the course when I have no football experience at all on my resume and currently I am not working for football club.

I reply well you need qualifications to get started in world of football, Susan then replies but only in countries controlled by UEFA. So you are saying that in theory I could get a job as a coach with Timbuktu FC with no qualifications?

Yes, of course.

My mind is now racing I had no clue that was possible, why did I not find out this information when I was researching the football training courses? The conversation ends and I am left alone with my coffee.

Why am I doing a football coaching course if I don’t need one? Could I get a job at LA Galaxy, maybe Bali have a football team I know they have lovely beaches, what team honestly be willing to take a chance on someone with no experience at all?

I tell myself come no one is going to take a risk on someone with no qualifications at all. So stop dreaming of beautiful people, beautiful beaches and get ready for some hard work.

rio-beach-life03 (1).jpg

I order another coffee and Panini fpr 13 euros. I am surprised that lady at the till is not wearing highwayman’s mask as she ask for the money.

She makes small talk asking where I am going, I tell her London she shrugs and says the City of Rain, not the most faltering description but it was certainly accurate.

My phone beeps again, my bank telling me the 150 pounds had been removed from my account. The woman at the FA had been true to her word she had charged my credit card now she knew who to process my Italian passport.

My football journey had begun.

If you want to read the first part take look here and be sure to follow @BeppeDiMarcoFM on Twitter.

And if you want to talk about all parts of Football Manager, why not to join us in Football Manager Slack community? Give this read or join us via the invitation link.



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