Fredensborg – A life in Denmark

I know very little about Denmark. I hear beer is expensive but the bacon is exceptional. Apparently when it’s fried you don’t get those horrible white floaty bits in the bottom of the pan so I suppose every cloud….

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Fredensborg or to give them their Sunday name ‘ Fredensborg Boldklub og Idraetsforening’ are a small provincial football club based 20 miles north of Copenhagen.

They are tipped to finish 8th of 8 in wait for it, The ‘Danish Second Division Autumn Season Group One’. That means nothing to me so upon further research I find that there are in fact another two imaginatively titled second division autumn groups, they would be Group 2 and yes you guessed it Group 3. Maybe when the first round of fixtures comes to an end there are some Winter Play-offs or a Spring Super League, who knows.

FBI (good acronym for a football club) are an amateur side with a solid loyal fan base of 25 (twenty five) season ticket holders. The squad is a collection of league drop outs, students, postmen and two workers from the nearby fishing docks.

In the coffers is the solid amount of £2100 which basically pays for kit, balls and the local school caretaker to cut the pitch and paint the lines on match days. The ‘stadium’ if you could call it that is beyond basic and has a running track around the pitch which as you can imagine really helps the 70 or so fans work up an atmosphere.

It’s a job though and for someone with no coaching qualifications and only a Sunday league career behind him it’s a good job. Being amateur is tough, if your players do well they can basically up and leave when a better offer comes up and you get nothing more than a “thanks and a see you around”.

With this in mind I made the decision to run the club with something of an open door policy that will generate a high turnover of players. My one Scout/Physio will flag up players with potential and they will get 2-3 months to prove themselves. Given that we don’t pay wages this as a plan seems as good as any.

July 2016

Normally preseason see’s heavy training workloads with teams pushing the players with beep tests and the odd high profile friendly. Here at the ‘FBI’ (yes I’m sticking with it) we meet on a Tuesday and Friday night at the local school 3G pitch. We don’t get long with the players so from day one they are told to look after their own cardio and we will always do ball work whenever the group are together.

We started ‘operation stockpile’ and brought in a cool 10 players whilst moving on 7 lads which included both fishermen and the Physio’s nephew.


Being basically a poor mans Dulwich Hamlet we couldn’t attract anybody higher than the Dog and Duck for friendlies. All 6 games were to be used to basically raise our morale and hope that we could get some momentum and team spirit going before we entered the league campaign.

The games went well, better than I expected but two of the opposition were a school team and a veteran side who only got together as part of a government funded fat club. But hey a wins a win, right?

As we end the month it’s an incredible 6 wins from 6 games and the side actually look like we know what we are doing.


Early signs suggest that striker Alfred Austin and winger Zakaria El-Quaz will be key if we are to have a fruitful campaign.

My one worry is that the fitness levels are at best shoddy. With that in mind I may have to look at moving the training ground away from the 24hr McDonald’s but on the whole I’m looking forward to the month ahead.

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