Fredensborg – Where dreams are made . . . . or Shattered!

header image a life in denmark

So with 4 games left to go, all away from home, I reckon 3 wins might just nick a promotion spot.

Oder 0-1 Fredensborg

I have never witnessed a more one sided game, it felt for all the world that we would fail to secure 3 points. At half time we had 18 attempts at goal and created 4 clear cut chances all failing to break the deadlock.

oder away.png

Luckily we managed to finally seal the game when new boy Cristian Oftenberg scored on his debut. 1 down 3 to go.

Kolding IF 2-1 Fredensborg

It was a game I’ve witnessed on more than one occasion this season. Failure to take advantage in key parts of the match have once again dashed our hopes. After levelling the game up we looked like the only winner but football can be a cruel mistress and in the end we got caught on the break and lost by the odd goal in three.

Thisted FC 1-3 Fredensborg

Jekyll and Hyde would be a good way to describe our performances this season. I have no doubt that we are the best side in this league and if we could muster any type of consistency would have walked away with this title. 

3 Down 1 to go.

So here we are, The last game of the season and we travel to FC Sydvest. It’s a simple equation, A win and either of the top 2 fail to win then we are up. 

FC Sydvest 1-1 Fredensborg

After 30 minutes of this match, we were 1-0 up and cruising. I turned to my assistant as he waved an iPad at me showing that we were currently top of the table. 


This could happen.

And then like the season behind us has shown, we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Sydvest equalises through Bappen (A player I once tried to sign) and no matter how hard we knocked at that door we couldn’t score a winner. 

Looking back, we did extremely well. We were, in fact, the best team after the split and chased down the 14 points we needed to make up, losing out only on goal difference. The boys can be very very proud of such an achievement, we were after all tipped to finish bottom of the relegation league.

My year in Denmark has been eye opening, the difficulty of a 3 month mid season break takes some getting used to and the ability to release and sign players willy nilly again takes a little bit to get your head round.

The club have decided to offer me a new deal siting that if I remain we could turn semi-pro and make a real assault on the bottom tier of Danish football.  They also offer a salary, a huge £120 a week (thats about 8 pints).

It’s at this point that a get a call from the chairman of Raith Rovers asking if I would like to come for a chat and potentially become their new first team manager. A quick google reveals that they are a decent outfit with potential to break in to the SPL and you could say are a ‘proper football club’.

After careful consideration I have decided to stay in Denmark, mainly because as of yet I have achieved very little. I’m sure this side I have built is on the brink of its first ever promotion.

I sign the deal and instantly begin to tie down key players on new contracts.

Here we go again . . . .


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