Fredensborg – Where there is still a glimmer of hope….

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Lots of games in a very short period of time would make or break my first year in charge. In this update there are lots of goals and a transfer that would ‘Rock the World of Football’, that’s if you class the ‘World of Football’ as lower league danish pub teams but who doesn’t, right?

Naesby 0-2 Fredensborg

A comfortable victory where we never looked in any danger. Goals from Schmidt and Marloth kept up our unbeaten run going.

Fredensborg 3-3 Oder

Bottom of the league Oder are in town and I’m feeling pretty confident leading up to Kick Off. If you score 3 goals in a game you should take 3 points but to be honest we didn’t deserve the one point we got. Three times we trailed and 3 times we clawed ourselves back, this could be costly.

Aarhus Fremad 0-1 Fredensborg

Rain, rain and more rain have seen two postponed game weeks. We travelled to top of the table Aarhus Fremad. Most games are now must win if we are to get anything from this campaign but its imperative that we take points off the top two sides.

And take points off them we did. A fantastic display ruined only by our finishing which meant a 1-0 victory but could have been so much more. The team played really well and with results elsewhere maybe just maybe the door was ajar.

Kjellerup 3-3 Fredensborg

Zahib Mohammad, the Afghanistan 23 year old winger had before today shown flashes of what I thought he could do. Having signed him from Kjellerup he was always going to be up for this one and with two assists and a goal in the first 45 minutes i was left wondering why he couldn’t play like this every week. Then the second half started and the whole team showed me exactly why in the end this campaign will probably end up with nothing to celebrate.  Conceding two second half goals meant for the second time in a fortnight we shared a 6 goal thriller 3-3. On top of throwing away 3 points Alfred Austin once again got clattered and the old face mask would be out for the next few weeks if I wanted him to play.

The Kjellerup keeper, Marc Larsen had played a binder. It could have been double figures had it not been for the 23 year old so rather naughtily after the game we had a chat and he agreed to join us. With both clubs being amateur there is nothing wrong with the move its just a little bit frowned upon.

Fredensborg 0-3 Middlefart

Final game of the month was the return of Middlefart and this time we really did stink. We never got going, created little and lost the game 3-0. Looking at the table it’s now looking very unlikely we can muster a promotion push. With only 1 defeat this side of Christmas I should be happy but too many draws have cost us.

Fredensborg 3-1 Naesby

Naesby were comfortably brushed aside. Mathias Tyschen scores his first goal at 17 years of age and we look more like a football team. Results elsewhere leave the top two within touching distance if and its a big if we win every game from now until the end of the season.

Fredensborg 2-1 Aarhus Fremad

Another home game another 3 points. Jimmy Mayasi coming up with he goods this time. He hasn’t had the biggest impact since joining but goals win games and he delivered on this day.

Fredensborg 2-0 Kjellerup

Another solid performance and the boys have really clicked. Trouble is it’s probably too little too late. Our last home game of the season and fourth in a row delivered 3 points and solid performance with Tyschen scoring again, he could be the real deal.

april-may fixtures

Bizarrely we now have 4 weeks without a game and when the fixtures recommence we have 4 away games to finish the season with. Four weeks is a long time, so again we organise a few friendlies, rest a few people and work on a few tweaks as to how we play.  

With a bit of time It’s at this point where I  look at the other sides near the top of the league. I see the league leaders Avarta have a striker Cristian Offenberg who has scored 20 goals this season. He has really spearheaded their campaign.

With Avarta also being an Amateur club I chance my arm and try to pinch him, he agrees the switch and by the time the games come back around I’ve now got two 20 goal a season strikers. Reminded me of when Man Utd surprised everyone and took Andy Cole from Newcastle.


All of a sudden this could be a really exciting end to the campaign.

leagie able 4 to go

4 away games in 11 days. 12 points to play for. 2 Twenty goal strikers. 2 Points Adrift


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