Fredensborg – Favourites?

12 months is obviously a long time in football. A year ago we were favourites of a different kind, The bookies gave us no chance at all and the local rag claimed only a miracle would stop Fredensborg finishing bottom of the pile.

They were all wrong and although the season ended without promotion we definitely laid the foundation blocks for a proper footballing side. This time around I knows how the league works so we must get as many points as possible in this opening round of fixtures. 

The summer had seen a few new faces arrive and some familiar ones depart. We are now a Semi-Pro side so have offered terms to a select few players, if nothing else it protects the club from players just walking away. 

Summer Transfers

On the tactics front, we need a plan B, last season showed that even though at times we destroyed teams we were also susceptible to losing games against the poorer sides in the league. We became predictable.

We play a very wide expansive game with a real emphasis on the wingers so I wanted something the exact opposite. Looking around for ideas I stumbled across Mr Keysi Rensie’s much loaded 4-3-3 formation.

The front 3 featured a false 9 and a shadow striker, two positions a bit alien to us but that meant it might be strange to come up against too. We looked at his early work with the formation and took it on board making only the slightest of changes to adapt to our player’s strengths. These were our go-to tactics for the season ahead.

I had hoped that last season’s exploits might just drag a few more through the turnstiles but when the numbers were announced we had only managed to sell 1 (one) more season ticket than last year. 

Preseason went extremely well. We won all 6 games and tried out both formations. The oppositions weren’t the greatest but like last year I wanted to increase the confidence levels before the season opener. The final friendly saw Alfred Austin pick up a hamstring strain that would leave him on the sidelines for 3-4 weeks, huge loss.


AB 0-5 Fredensborg

The first game of the season sees us travelling to recently relegated AB. According to the tipsters, top spot would be claimed by one of these two sides so it’s a big game for an opener.

We have played very well in pre-season and carried that form straight into the league campaign. Pre-match I was worried that without our talisman Austin goals may be hard to come by but come to the final whistle we had done just fine. Jimmy Mayasi filled that void with two strikes and the other goals were scored by Tyschen, La Cour and an own goal.

AB away.jpg

B 1908 4-2 Fredensborg (Danish Cup 1st Round)

My overconfidence in the squad was punished as we crash out of the Danish Cup at the first hurdle. I make 6 changes and it backfires. It is actually a huge loss, the cup is a great source of bonus income that we really needed, the chairman was less than pleased.

Fredensbord 5-0 HIK

2 Games 10 goals scored 0 conceded. We went back to basics, reset the changes and destroyed HIK. Mads Falck playing behind the front two scored 4 of the 5 goals, we are back on track.

B 1908 0-2 Fredensborg

We lined up against B 1908 for the second time in a fortnight, this was the only blip on our copy book and we wanted to put it straight. 

37 seconds is all it took and a man of the moment Mads Falck broke the deadlock as we attacked straight from the kickoff. Jimmy Mayasi doubled the lead after a goalkeeping error and our 100% league record remained intact.

Fredensborg 2-1 Hvidovre

The final game of the month was also the hardest. We fell behind early and from minute one we looked sluggish and not at the races. 0-1 down at the break and I let them have both barrels. Mathias Tyschen and Alfred Austin were thrown into the fire and it merited an instant impact with Austin laying it off for Falck to level things up. We still lacked our normal intensity and a draw was looking more likely when young Tyschen got on the end of a low cross and fired home with just 5 minutes remaining.


The cup game aside it couldn’t have gone better. 14 goals scored and just the 1 conceded. Alfred Austin would be back to starting games shortly and Mads Falck with 7 goals already was flying. There were a few chinks in the armour but this could be our year.


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