FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXV | Rebuilding, Farewells, Trophies

We’ve reached the end of the 2030/2031 season. That means another two season in the FM17 save with Reading FC were played and I would like to tell you what happened during these two seasons. There was a lot of it.

Some information were shared in my FMSlack channel so some of you know there were other trophies won but also we lost players from the original squad because they retired from professional football.

Season 2029/2030

As always I will start with transfers. In terms of new signing, we needed new left back because long-serving captain Jordan Obita retired at the end of previous season. I scouted Shane Ash from Everton for a couple of weeks and I decided to sign him and made him our first choice.

Shane Ash_ Overview Profile

There were also other new players but none of them remained in the club as all of them went for a loan. I found interesting players from the USA or Brazil so we’ll see if they will gain a work permit and how they will develop.

Left defender Johann Claßnitzer was bought by DoF but I sent him to Nürnberg as I didn’t see he has a chance to play.




Jordan Obita and Dominic Samuel retired from football and there were also many players who left the club. Alfredo Acuna moved to Chievo for a permanent transfer, same as Kevin King to Aberdeen for example.

There were, of course, many loans. I sent a couple of players to our feeder club Doncaster to help them with the fight for promotion, other players went to Caen or Zwolle.

Transfers 2029-2030

The season started with Community Shield and European Super Cup as always as we won Champions League and FA Cup in the previous season. We lost both these matches with Manchester United and Arsenal respectively.

Players were not in a good shape at the start of the season after summer international matches as they went back to a club a little bit later and our performances were not good as I would expect.

After mixed results in the Premier League, we lost to Man United or to Man City in the EFL Cup third round. During this time I also decided to change our formation and we started to play with 4-1-3-2 as I wrote in the previous post. 

2029-2030 results1

Our performances were better and better with the new formation and we won our Champions League group with 16 points as we only tied with Lyon.

As you can see in the pictures with results we only lost to Manchester City in January and as the season continued it looked very well with our aim to win some trophies again.

After very good results and performances as well in the second half of the season we moved to the second place in the Premier League table and finished only four points behind Manchester United and one point above Manchester City.

After FIFA Club World Cup win in December, we also won the FA Cup after penalty kicks win in the Final over West Ham and we played in the Champions League Final against Manchester City. We beat them 3-1 after Loader’s brace and one goal by Saunders.

2029-2030 results2

It was our eight Champions League trophy in a row.

Reading Football Club_ Competitions

As you can see central defender Jake Cooper made most appearances from all players as he played 52 matches despite he was 35 years old at the end of this season.

Striker Adam Walker scored 26 goals and made 7 assists. Danny Loader had another decent season with 21 goals and 15 assists and it was a pleasure to watch our own regen Kevin Jackson who scored 20 goals and made 5 assists as a backup player.

Players Stats 2029-2030

Season 2030/2031

The latest season started with sad eyes… George Evans, John Swift and also Liam Kelly retired. I was very sad mostly because of Kelly’s retirement because he is/was my most favourite player in this year’s edition of Football Manager.

If nothing more his fantastic Free Kicks and Set Pieces in overall were the reason why I wrote more about him in a specific post.

During the summer break, I agreed to make Colchester our new feeder club and I sent there four players on loan. I also decided to sell striker Daniel Sellin (without a work permit) to Bologna, defender Andy McNab to Brentford and Bobby van der Veen went to Aston Villa for decent loan fee.


Tennai Watson also went for a loan as he wanted a new challenge in his career so I have to buy a new player for right defender position. After some time I decided to splash the cash on Oliver Collins from Arsenal and he became my first choice during the season.

I also bought youngsters Stewart Ferguson (immediately to Colchester), Bob Atkinson, John Roberts and Kjell Hansson for a free -> a loan in Willem II.

Transfers 2030-2031

Same as in the previous seasons we started with two cup competitions. The difference from last year was we won Community Shield and UEFA Super Cup too as we beat Manchester United and Liverpool on penalties. 

The beginning of a new season was decent as we beat Cardiff, tied with Chelsea and lost to Middlesbrough.

I was pleased with the result and performance in the first match of the Champions League Group Stage as we beat Panathinaikos 5-0 at home and our squad had an average of 19 as I wanted to let play our kids with some more experienced players.

After the defeat by Manchester City in September, we were much better and undefeated until March of next year.

During this long period, we won FIFA Club World Cup again, we progressed in domestic competitions, won the EFL Cup thanks to penalties again and we also had to learn how to play without Danny Loader who had many issues with injuries this season.

2030-2031 results1

His striker #1 spot get Adam Walker who is our most valued player, the best Australian player in the game right now and he is wanted by PSG but I refused to sell him just only for around 50M so his transfer saga is like the Neverending story…

Adam Walker_ Overview Profile

As I said we were undefeated for a very long time this season but we lost to Arsenal at the start of the March. It was just only three days after EFL Cup Final with United and I had to rest some of my key players.

This year we finally played in the Champions League with some different teams than Inter or AC Milan :) We got BVB in 1st Knockout Round and we beat them 2-1 and 2-0.

The Quarter Final was fun to play against Atlético Madrid as we won 2-1 at home and I was afraid our winning run will end, but we drew 2-2 away in the second leg and made it to the Semi Final again.

2030-2031 results2

Barcelona players probably hate us because we played with our 4-1-3-2 formation and we won both matches 1-0 after dirty and boring defensive football. Our two ball winning midfielders were everywhere and Barca’s players were unable to get to our penalty area.

I have to say I laughed a lot during the Final against Real Madrid. Why? We won 1-0 again and it was same as against Barcelona. The tactic worked perfectly and they were unable to make something dangerous. They even not had a single shot on target.

The perfect thing was our goal was scored by our central midfielder with attack duty what is a perfect role and it could be very effective.


Teddy MacDonald scored 4 goals and made 1 assist in the last four matches of the season in this role. 

Our Champions League win was our 9th in a row so that means we can make it 10th in a row next season. It’s incredible and crazy right now so I can’t imagine we’ll win it once again in a row but we will see :)


We also won the FA Cup as we beat QPR 4-0 and it was one of the easiest domestic cup final in this save.

In the end, we finished second in the Premier League. Just only two points behind Manchester United as they won the PL for the second time in a row.

Reading Football Club_ Competitions-2

What next? The rebuilding of the squad will continue in next seasons as another three players from the original squad will retire in summer 2031.

I also decided to try a new formation once again so the 2031/2032 season will be the first one season in this save with wide formation as I want to show some of the people in the community it’s possible to be successful not just only with narrow formation in FM17 like I saw in some forums or on Twitter…

If you would like to see some screenshots or if you’re interested in something from this save just let me know and we can talk about it. I’m always happy if someone is interested in something from my save. 

Let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #mrkeysirensie channel in FMSlack.

Thanks everyone for the continuing support and thanks for reading.

The previous part of this save is HERE. If you would like to read all the previous parts from the beginning just follow this LINK.

You can also join us in FMSlack and talk not only about Football Manager. What is Slack? Read this or ask me and others on Twitter for example.


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