FM17 | The newgens I’ve missed out

It’s very common to write about players we bought or sold during our Football Manager careers. Same as many of us write about Youth Intake and development of our newgens/regens.

I’m the same but as my save with Reading FC continued I was able to make a list of many newgens I’ve missed and they didn’t play for Reading due to some reasons.

And I decided to show you ten of these players who moved to another club or they refused to sign for Reading and stayed with their club. You can see the player profile of these players from 2028 and 2040 and their history as well below.

Catch up with all the previous parts of this save from the start

I discovered many of them thanks to Screen Flow as they played also for their national youth teams and I had set it up many youth tournaments with player stats.

One tip for a potential feature for some next FM versions – it would be good to be able to check “Failed Transfers History” same as we are able to see the history of completed transfers. (I know there are major failed transfers in the transfers summary at the end of each transfer window but that’s not enough).

Bright Okoro

This French striker was a member of Paris Saint-Germain’s Youth Intake in 2020/2021 season. He went for a loan spell to OGC Nice and scored 8 goals in 18 league matches but he spent the next two seasons in PSG Reserves.

I wanted to buy him after these seasons but he refused to sign for Reading. After a successful loan with AS Roma, he scored 41 goals for PSG during two seasons. And in 2027/2028 he signed for Manchester United as they paid 69M for him.

In next 12 years, he was the biggest threat in our matches against United and he scored many goals to us.

Rhys Sullivan

Welsh striker or attacking midfielder appeared in the game in 2023/2024 season in Cardiff. He had no intention to sign for us in next three seasons despite he didn’t play for his club’s senior squad.

He was on loan with Leicester and West Brom before he became a key player for Cardiff. I wanted him so much and was willing to pay for him 30-40M but in the end, he went to Manchester City for 58M.

He scored 52 goals in 58 matches for City during the 2035/2036 season. In the last season of this save he was 32 years old and he scored 51 goals in 47 matches…

Andrea Selaci

The perfect example of how I worked with Screen Flow. In 2028 there was EURO U19 Qualification phase and I discovered Albanian midfielder Andrea Selaci there who came to Emelec youth team.

He decided to rather go to Torino and he played only 8 matches for them and was transferred to Barcelona for 5.75M. Despite he was Barcelona player I still wanted him, he refused to sign for Reading despite we were Champions League holders and he played only for their B team.

Like all of these players he became key Barcelona player after successful loan spells and in before 2037/2038 season, he moved to PSG for 65M.

Alessandro Scaramuzzino

Another Italian midfielder with great potential who appeared in Empoli Youth Intake in 2006. Barcelona snapped him a year later just for 3M and after loan spells, with Gijón and Leverkusen he scored a decent amount of goals for Barca.

And then, as always, there was a move to Manchester City for 71M. I was unable to get him as my mind is not set to these huge transfer fees.

Kevin Hendry

The promising striker from Dundee signed for Manchester United instead of us for 4.3M. In next years he didn’t play for United expect the one season and he moved to Leverkusen for 15.25M before Arsenal bought him for 32M in 2037.


Central defender who moved from Flamengo to Napoli for 9.75M and then to Manchester United for 32M. He was one of the three key central defenders of United for seven years before he moved for a free to Juventus.

Choi Ki-Bok

Only one goalkeeper in this list. If you read through the Reading save you know I bought some Japanese players in the late stage of the save. Despite I didn’t have activated Asia competitions I looked to their national teams and this keeper took my eye on the first sight.

He was signed by Benfica in 2024 as they were regulars of the late Champions League knockout stages. He played also for Novara, Crotone, Wolfsburg or Leverkusen and in the last seasons, he played for Manchester City.

Carsten Schmidt

This midfielder was on my short list for a couple of seasons. He played for Braunschweig II before he signed for Bayern. His first big transfer was in 2028 when he signed for Schalke after 28.5M deal.

This player wanted to sign with us but he was unable to get a work permit so he rather signed for Schalke. His next move to Leverkusen was even more expensive as they paid 37.5M for him.

Timothée Remy

This French central defender was on my radar in 2026/2027 season when he played for FC Metz. He didn’t receive the work permit so I decided I will buy him after another season but Juventus was faster and signed him for 21.5M. And he stayed there as a key player until the end of this save.

Rico Jules

The last player of this list is English striker or attacking midfielder. Rico Jules was a member of West Ham’s Youth Intake in 2022 and I wanted to sign him as a youngster without a professional contract. But he wanted to stay in West Ham.

It’s similar as with Rhys Sullivan (the second player in this list), he was good during his loan spells -> key player for West Ham -> big move to Manchester City. They paid 52M for him and he was a great combo with Sullivan who played as a lone striker usually.

Catch up with all the previous parts of this save from the start

That’s all from the Football Manager 2017 save with Reading FC. It was a great save.

Thanks everyone for the continuing support and thanks for reading.

If you are interested in something from this save let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #mrkeysirensie channel in FMSlack.

You can also join us in FMSlack and talk not only about Football Manager. What is Slack? Read this or ask me and others on Twitter for example.

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