A Legend in His Own Mind: Intro

Let’s take a trip back down memory lane to the mid 90’s. It was a simpler time, a carefree time, a time where I was playing my first ever football management game. Premier Manager on the Sega Megadrive. Of course, I was no mastermind in all of this, I hadn’t even reached double figures, though I couldn’t tell you exactly how old I was.

I could talk all day about a game that I still enjoy playing today. A game, in fact, that I think is everything that Football Manager Handheld should aspire to be. But you not reading this because for me to reminisce about a nearly 25-year-old game.

You’re reading this because you want to know who I’m managing for my first ever blogged game of Football Manager, well that ties in with Premier Manager because the team I will be playing as this year is the only team I’ve ever successfully taken from League 2 (Division 3) to the Premiership and I’m going to do it again. By taking Cambridge United back to the glory hole land.

“Back? But Mike, Cambridge have never been in the Premier League.”

Yes in your boring reality-based world Cambridge United have never been in the Premier League.

But in my Premier Manager based world I took them all the way up and then got relegated in my first and only season with them in the Premier League. I left them and took up the reigns at Chelsea, leading them to the Premier League title.

I’ve taken these events, mixed them with real life slightly and built 2 fictional timelines. One for Cambridge and one for Mike Brazier the manager. I’ll elaborate on the rise and fall of both Club and Manager on my next blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my story with you and I hope it will be a successful one.

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