FM18 | Around the Lake

Hey all, I promised I will present one of the main points of my Football Manager 2018 save with Hungarian side BFC Siófok. 

I named it “Around the Lake” because I took charge of the team from a town close to Lake Balaton. And the rules of our transfer and recruitment policy are connected to it as well.

The basics rules are very simple. I created a search filter with the various place of births. These towns are within a 120 km from Siófok. The towns are Siófok, Veszprém, Kaposvár, Tamási, Nagykanizsa, Tapolca, Székesfehérvár and Ajka.


The starting scouting package includes top three tiers and NBII  youth package. When I set up the filter for the first time it found me around 60 players and 25 of them were interested in possible transfer or loan to our club.

As I said in the first post I decided to not make transfers during the first season. My main aim was to scout all these players precisely and decide which players are good enough for our club.

All players were added to the shortlist and all of them are scouted.

BFC Siófok_ Players Player Search-2

I think it’s clear I want to build a squad around domestic players. My idea is to have 90% of the squad of players with Hungarian nationality and it should be players from the mentioned area. We can call them “Local boys” if you want.

Just a couple of players I found thanks to the “Around the Lake” filter… (some of them are not interested in transfer/loan and many players don’t meet my criteria but I like to scout every player we are able to find thanks to this filter)

As I mentioned there are many players who were birth in specific towns and I hope there will be much more when newgens will appear in the game.

FM18 | Goulash & Sausages

When I make some research I also found that Dominik Szoboszlai, Hungarian youth national sides captain, was born in Székesfehérvár, one of the towns we are looking at. He was in Red Bull Salzburg academy and he is in the FC Liefering.

He is a perfect example of a player who we could try to take back to Hungary once our club will be much bigger and we will have more funds.

Dominik Szoboszlai_ Overview Profile

“Play for the logo on the front of the shirt
they’ll remember the name on the back.”

It’s not so long I saw the motto you can find above. If some of you follow me for more than since FM18 was released you will know I like to use teams with domestic players and I’m maybe sometimes too much tolerant and faithful to players I already have in the squad.

My original idea was to play only with my own players, partly as in previous saves but I think I want to use transfers and scouting tools.

As we will use “Around the Lake” rules I would like to have a squad of players who are proud they are able to wear the shirt of BFC Siófok.

Untitled-12Thanks to a help by Róland Kákonyi I was able to find that there is also Siófoki Bányász SE club (BFC Siófok used this name in the 1950’s) and this club is focused on youth players.

They have players in categories from U12 to U19. I decided to create 11 players in the pre-game editor and I added them to the Siófok squad. And some of them were moved to the first team squad after the start of the save.

*FM Editor notes: don’t worry, there is no new Ronaldo, Messi or Neuer. I only created them in the Editor, tried to find their dates of birth and positions. Potential Ability was set after I compared youth players of other Hungarian clubs.

After players comparison in the Pre-Game Editor my created players have CA 40 and PA -4 or -5. Check the youngster’s profiles below. *

Get rid of loans

Maybe you can ask why I did that if I could sign some players and save my time. Yes, I could but I decided I will rather have my youth team full of real youth players than newgens immediately after the first season.

My second thought was that there is a couple of players in the club on loan and the club pay for these loans. And I don’t want players who know they are there just only because they were sent there from their clubs. I know and they know it too that they will go to any club to get a playing time.

I will rather play with my own youngsters and develop them into decent players. That’s my goal, not to feed players of someone else.

There were 6 players on loan at the start of the save. I decided they will not be in the starting XI if there is a possibility to develop my own youngsters and playing time of loan players will be limited.

This decision resulted in very simple thing – 4 of these 6 players asked me about to cancel their loan and they returned to their clubs before we reached to end of October 2017. Thanks to it I also saved around € 1K per month on their wage.

Only two loan players remained in our team. An experienced defender Zsolt Fehér (from Békéscsaba) and young midfielder Milan Senic (from Red Star Belgrade).

There are some promising players who I think are able to play in the right position and they are able to develop into fine players. They will probably not play in the Champions League but who knows…

My favourite player is central midfielder Bakos Botond. I decided to give him chance in the starting XI and you can see his profile below from 7th March 2018 (after the start of the 2nd part of the first season).

He played all competitive matches so far, scored 6 goals and made 1 assist. I play him as a CM/A and I follow his development very closely. Maybe I will dedicate a single post just to him in the future.

Another part of my squad, transfer and recruitment policy within the “Play for the logo on the shirt…” quote is that I would like to sign and develop players with the right attitude.

That means I will closely look at a couple of attributes. I would like to sign players with good Aggression, Bravery, Determination, Leadership, Teamwork and Work Rate attributes to be sure our players will fight until the end for the badge on the shirt.

If we take a look at the first team squad and we sort the team sheet with Leadership attribute we can see our experienced goalkeeper Szabolcs Balajcza is the best player.

But I’m glad there are also some young players with the good attribute of Leadership but also with Work Rate and Determination.

BFC Siófok_ Players Players

The last point of this post is that I found out there are many players in the default database with “Uknown” Place of Birth. That means it’s possible I will miss some players who maybe were born in the local area but it doesn’t matter.

I also wanted to apply this recruitment policy for Staff but there is the same issue so I decided to not make too hard for me because with these rules I was unable to find coaches or physios.

I also scout foreign players in nations like Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia or Montenegro. If there will be good enough players I will consider to sign them but the main idea to play mainly with domestic players will always be the rule number one.

As this save will continue and I will progress in the game I will also consider to become manager of Hungarian U19 or U21 national squad if it will be possible.

Some of you know I like to develop young players so it’s possible the squad will be very young soon after experienced players will be not good enough or they will be unhappy because of their limited playing time.

First Youth Intake

There was the first Youth Intake in Hungary at the start of the March 2018. I created “Youth Intake 2018” shortlist and added there around 395 newgens. When I applied the filter with the towns around the lake there are 20 players who will be scouted.


And, of course, we had Youth Intake in our club and I’m very happy with the new players. In the picture below you can see all of them sorted by Teamwork attribute. I don’t care about star rating…


This guy is my favourite one and I really hope he will develop into a good first team player.


Thanks for reading as always. If you are interested in something let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #mrkeysirensie channel in FMSlack.

What is Slack? Read this or ask me and others on Twitter for example.

Take care and enjoy Football Manager 2018.

Keysi Rensie


9 thoughts on “FM18 | Around the Lake

      1. Thanks Keysi
        That’s what I’m using currently as well. I can see a lot of similarities between our set ups, what team instructions are you currently using?
        I miss your regular royals updates 😢

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        1. I use any team instructions currently but it also worked with shorter passing and lower tempo and play out of defence.

          I had more time to write during FM17 so that’s why there were more regular updates from the Royals save.

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