A Legend in His Own Mind: The Attempted Bottle-Job

If a tree falls and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If a man weeps as his promising team thrown away point after point but no-one is there, does he make a sound? This was my position as my Cambridge United team seemed intent on staying in League 2, giving away points like candy on Halloween. In my last modern post I put up a league table. in that table we were 12 points from clear of the teams in the play-off spots. That table was placed at the end of my last post but I’m posting it as the first image this time.

League Table

Let me paint you a picture. It’s Wednesday 1st January, I’ve just watched Chelsea lose 3-0 to Bournmouth with my Dad, who’s now gone home. I’m a few beers down and decide that I’m going to have a few more beers while I finish the season that’s already well on its way to falling apart. Beers help numb the pain. Things don’t go well. With main striker Uche Izpeazu out, we’ve fallen apart, deciding my back up strikers aren’t good enough to go alone, I switch to a 5-3-2 which does nothing to change our form. My Slack channel is a mess, just me shouting to the wind, no-one else is there. It comes down to the last game of the season. We are 2nd but on joint points with 3rd and 4th. Not too bad you might say but this is our form.


We we’re falling apart and with form like that I couldn’t afford to slip into the Play-offs. Luckily as you can see we showed up for the final match, running all over Port Vale coming away with a 3-0 victory that secured promotion. I remember the days I used to play FM for casual fun. I’d be Chelsea because I support them and just win everything. It was fun. Then i decided to write a blog and update people in my slack channel and that lead to this night. One of the most emotionally exhausting gaming nights I’ve ever had. In the end my trusty lopsided 4-1-4-1 came through and while we’re going to need to strengthen for League 1, I’m pretty optimistic. One big winner from our poor run of form was the aforementioned Izpeazu, who’s injury had happened a few games before everything had started to go wrong. After being at a stalemate over his soon to expire contract, I ended up caving and giving him a much bigger deal than I wanted. Now onto League 1. Wish me luck.


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