A Legend in His Own Mind: Let’s Catch Up

A lot has happened since my last update. My original plan was to post 5 updates a season. One for the modern transfer window, one for the first half of the season for modern day and one for Premier Manager ‘96 and then the same for the end of the season. This has obviously stopped and that is because I wasn’t enjoying it.

It meant I was worried about what to write and trying to force an interesting post out of shit because I needed to. It stopped me writing and stopped me from playing my save, scared that if I went too far past the point I was at that I’d be too out of the moment to write each post.

Since I stopped worrying about posting so much, I’ve played nearly 3 seasons and found my love for my save again and as such, I’ve found myself inspired to write again. Now my problem is, for my planned piece about this season to make sense I need to update people on what’s been going on. So here’s a brief update for the 2 seasons I’ve missed.


Season 2 – League 1

After narrowly securing promotion from League 2, my aim for this season was to secure a lower mid-table finish. That didn’t happen. After a scrappy first few games, we hit a hot streak and forced our way into the promotion places.

Surely this couldn’t last. It did, sort of. Our demons from our first season came back and after fighting with Bolton for top spot we started to drop, only this time we didn’t have 3 promotion places to give us that extra breathing room. If you told me before this season had started that we’d finish in the play-off places I’d have bitten your hand off but we’d been fighting for 1st and now with our run-in form is falling apart, we’d have no chance in the playoffs.

Things were made worse as Sheffield United, who were chasing us for promotion, came in and activated the 475k release clause for star striker Uche Ikpeazu forcing me to bring in an emergency loan player who didn’t fit but was desperately needed for cover.

Luckily we secured another 2nd place finish by 2 points from Luton Town who won the playoffs to be promoted with us and Bolton. This meant that Luton had been promoted twice with us from League 2 to the Championship and it earned them a place on our club screen as a competitive rivalry.

League 1 Season 2

Season 3 – Championship

So where to begin. We’d lucked our way into the Championship without a squad built to challenge.

The board only asked me to put up a fight in our inevitable relegation. Basically, try to embarrass us too much in our inevitable demise. I leaned on our connections to Chelsea and Arsenal bringing in 2 young Centre Backs and Uche Ikpeazu was brought back in for 250k after being transfer listed by Sheffield United.

We peaked in the first half of the season reaching mid-table before dropping back down. While we were out of the relegation battle for most of the season, in true Cambridge United style, we dropped down into it towards the end of the season before securing our place in the Championship next season with 2 games left.

Newly contested rivals Luton disappeared from our rivals list as quickly as they appeared, being relegated from both the Championship and our fans attention. The biggest mistake we made this season was bringing in Wayne Rooney, the idea was that he could be an experienced head to tutor the youngsters and cover for Jevani Brown in the Treq role.

He turned out to be a moaning bastard that expected everything to go through him and I was glad to see the back of him at the end of the season.

Championship Season 3

So we go on to Season 4 in the Championship again, hoping for a mid-table finish to allow us to keep building.

This was just a quick post that was originally going to be the intro to a separate post but I realised I had too much to tell to shoehorn this all into another post. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve had to tell here and come back for more when I post the actual piece that I sat down to write here.

As usual, you can find all the back catalogue of this Cambridge United story here. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram but be warned I post about more than just FM.

You can also follow blow by blow, game by game updates on my Slack Channel. You just need to join the Football Manager Slack and go to #BraziersCambridge. In there you can cheer me on or just send me abuse whichever is appropriate.

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