FM19 | Time for a change

Thinking about a new Football Manager save was not hard in the previous years for me. I always had some idea or some tips I wanted to follow and I had the exact way how I wanted to play. But it’s different before FM19. I had no idea what to do…

New career game → select database → select Sparta Prague → to sell almost all foreign players → create a domestic-based squad → place favourite young players → win domestic league & cup in the first season = boring…

New career game → select database → select Reading FC → to sell most of the highest paid players → make Liam Kelly the best player of the Championship → develop Danny Loader to a best striker/midfielder of the Championship and make him wanted by big Premier league clubs → win promotion to the Premier League in the first season = boring…

Sounds familiar? I would be able to repeat something similar with a couple of different clubs like Schalke 04, Athletic Club de Bilbao or some other clubs I used within Beta version(s).

If nothing more the Beta version had a great impact on me this year before Football Manager 2019.

I realised I’m making too many things automatically. I don’t want to say it’s wrong to have some stereotypes and to know how to do the stuff but sometimes it’s like I play the game like a blind.

It’s like a complete déjà vu every time I place Michal Sáček to Roaming Playmaker role within every formation I try with Sparta and he develops into one of the best Czech players.

It’s a like a complete déjà vu every time I take over some club from the second or third tier and I win the promotion to the top tier during first seasons and everything is somehow too easy.

And I decided I want a change. It’s time for a change. I don’t enjoy the game now. And it’s my own fault.

I know I will make everything the same if I will pick, for example, Volna Pinsk from Belarus second tier. It’s probably about the eighth or ninth edition of this game I would make it the same.

I thought about this for some time because I think I knew this for a couple of weeks, maybe months.

It was already during the end of the FM18 save with BFC Siófok. I think I was more the type of the player who wants just to as far as possible in the save and just press continue without paying attention to what is happening in the game.

It’s still only the game so it’s stupid to take it too seriously. “Just stop playing the game if you don’t enjoy it,” someone could say maybe. And it’s right but I want to enjoy it again.

During my FM19 Beta save with Reading, the first season in the Championship was as always. I won one of the play-off places and won in the play-off to reach the Premier League. It took about five minutes after the play-off final before I found out I’m bored.

I knew I would be bored if it would be a promotion in Spain, Hungary as last year, Belarus, Sweden or somewhere else in Europe.

That’s probably the main point. In Europe. I need to change the continent. Maybe I’m naive. Maybe it will be the same. But I know I want to discover something new.

New nations, new leagues, new clubs, new players.

When I thought about it I remembered the one episode of the former Tempo10 podcast. It’s almost one year ago when Mike, Matt and Jack ‘talked about their Football Manager comfort zones and stepping out or stepping up to another challenge.’

This episode was named ‘Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone’ and despite it’s no longer available to listen I will use this name as some kind of inspiration in the background.

If I wrote about the fact I don’t enjoy the game and just only press space bar to continue I feel the FM19 is the best possible way how to slow down thanks to new training options and some other stuff.

Maybe, thanks to a possibility to work from home, I will be in the far future again but I want to ensure to enjoy the game again with trying new things like training schedules, mentoring players or try to create another scouting ‘way’ same as with Around The Lake.

I will always enjoy developing young players rather than to play with old players but sometimes I feel really guilty when my team is able to beat everyone despite the average age is about 20 or 21.

I’m a little bit annoyed about the ‘realistic way’ and how to make the game more realistic but on the other side I’m annoyed by myself and I want to change myself and my way how to play the game. Or at least I want to try to think more about what I do.

I would like to share some screens from Football Manager 2019 Beta save with Reading FC to illustrate my ‘issue’. I played two seasons with them. I won the promotion in the first one and finished 6th in the Premier League and won the FA Cup in the second season.

Despite I lost six or seven matches in a row at the start of the second season I changed some tactical things and finished sixth as I wrote already.


Remember I wrote earlier about Danny Loader? This is how he looks in this Beta save after the second season when he was already in the England senior national team…

Danny Loader

This is nice but it has to stop. I do not want to spin in the same circle…

…that means I’m going out of Europe for FM19 and I will start in the Chile 🇨🇱 second tier with the club named Club Deportivo Magallanes ⭐️

I’m not sure if I will stay in this club for the whole FM19 or if it will be some kind of ‘South America journey’ or whatever we can call it.

I want to have this save as something like the first aid to my Football Manager love. To discover some new places, new players, new clubs. Probably also to be able to read things from different places in real-life football too to find some information.

Maybe it will be the same, I don’t know right now.

cd magallanes header png2

I’m always happy when I see someone is trying something new in terms of nations & clubs where to spend the FM save. Diego Mendoza is a great example of his location selection.

I enjoy how James think about his save because it’s evident he doesn’t want to be bored straight after the two seasons. I like where FMSamo decided to go because it’s also something different. It’s not Manchester United, ‘restore fallen giant’. It’s not a club from the list ’10 clubs to manage’ including the same clubs of two-thirds as last year.

Mike’s (@accordingtofm) Colombian League Guide was a perfect read which almost made me want to change Chile to Colombia but I decided to stick to Chile. There is always a possibility to make a move there during the save.

I also enjoyed this in recent time by FMAdventure.

Probably many of you read the South America guides by Vincent Guzman. They were probably my main resource for my thinking and he also included CD Magallanes here so I had some clubs to think about.

Thanks to a WordPress Reader I follow around 200 WordPress sites and I can read the posts straight in the Reader. I just exported the list of ‘blogs I follow’ and if you’re interested, you can import it to your WordPress (click to Reader and Manage Following and just import the downloaded file here.


Don’t forget you can join the Football Manager Slack to get in touch with many other FM players. You can talk about everything, mostly not even about FM but you have to see it…

You can join FMSlack via THIS link. My channel is #fmrensie.

If you would like to find and check all the Football Manager related content I would recommend you to join Tea&Busquets where you can follow almost all FM players/creators.

Until next time…take care.


Keysi Rensie


4 thoughts on “FM19 | Time for a change

  1. Being from Canada, I can’t resist starting a save in the MLS. The salary cap might be frustrating sometimes, but it’s a good challenge. You have to manage your wages and let go good players because they ask too much. Also, you almost never buy player from other teams in the league, you trade assets (player, internatiunal spot, draft picks). And it’s the paradise for old, almost retired, player (Rooney, Villa, Ibrahimovic).

    You might enjoy the challenge!

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