FM19 | Start from scratch with CD Magallanes

It could sound like I have created a completely new club but that’s not right. I decided to take over of CD Magallanes in the second tier of Chile. There are a lot of players in the squad, there is a limited amount of staff and even more limited finances for transfers and wages. 

And I feel I want to start from scratch with everything.

From squad selection in terms of wages vs. players quality, hiring new staff and more…

  • Predicted Finish in the 1st season – 14th
  • Average age at the start of the save – 25.88 (7th in Campeonato Loto)
  • Club philosophy – Develop players using the club’s youth system (default by the board)
  • Club philosophy – Make the most from Set Pieces (added by myself)

Squad & Transfers review

I started this save in December 2017 to have all the time before us and to ensure nothing will be simulated wrongly (for example the Magallanes relegation).

And there was some transfer activity before my arrival, logically. Ten players are on loan from the club, all of them went to Deportes Santa Cruz.

We have four players on-loan in our squad and we are contributing €5,450 per month to their wages. Unfortunately, I can’t terminate their loan to help our wage budget but more to come about finances.

First team squad December 2017
First Team Squad – December 2017

You can see there are several experienced players in the squad including Sebastián Abreu, José Luis García, Antonio Carlos, Mark González or Nicolás Núnez.

Thirty-three years old winger Mark González arrived at the club from Colo Colo for a free and he is the best-paid player with €4.3K per month salary.

Feel free to judge him and other experienced players if they deserve their salary…


Same as I can’t terminate loans of players in our squad I can’t recall our players from a loan. Some of them would be considered to be part of the first team squad if they would be in the club.

There are some decent players in our youth team and I will promote some of them to the first team squad during pre-season but it depends also on the fact if I will be able to sell/release some players.

U19s squad December 2017
U19s Squad – December 2017

It will take a lot of time to have some good young players in our rank but that’s probably the best point of everything. Try to develop not only players but the club in overall.

Finances & Wages

Before I will write about the staff we have to stay with Finances for a while. As you can see Finances are poor. We have €76K in the bank.

That means we can buy the used BMW X3 xDrive30d M Sport model and we will drive with it to the matches.

Finances December 2017

We also need to adjust the Wage budget because we are in the ‘red zone’. I highlighted the Salary Commitments for the next two years in the next picture. Almost all players will be out of contract at the end of the next calendar year.

You have to love this world of football when Sebastián Abreu has a contract for two years when he is 41 years old…

Wages - Salary Commintments December 2017

The solution of the Wage budget will be probably very simple – I will sell or release several players.

Or I will just move some money from Transfer budget to Wage budget. It’s still possible despite we have only a couple of thousands euro to spend.

There is also a big chance I will play with the current squad for the first season/calendar year and I will search, scout and sign a possible replacement for the next year in terms of building my own squad.

Current Wage Total December 2017

Staff review

The current coaching staff consists of an assistant manager, fitness coach and goalkeeping coach. I will need to hire one general coach and Head of Youth Development.

If I will find a better assistant manager I will hire a new one. Those are the current members of the first team coaching squad.

The scouting or recruitment team is missing. There are no scouts or Director of Football. I also need to hire at least one physio.


As the title of this post says we need to start from scratch. In all areas. Same as the staff is missing within the senior squad I have to hire, for example, goalkeeping coach for the youth team and some members to a medical team.

Just for an example, those are my option at the start of the save when I started to look for new scouts. Very simple conditions for searching as you can see. Only the key attributes for scout role and I decreased values to 8 to have some selection.

Scouts search December 2017

And I will continue in the same way with others parts of staff recruitment. There will be only changes or roles and custom views :)

In terms of custom views – I used the views made by FMPressure last year during FM18. I only made some adjustments and remove or added my preferred columns. This year I decided to step back and create every single view by myself.

And it was the best decision I could make because it was refreshing perfectly and it also fits my ‘strategy’ to enjoy the game more than in the previous years.

Staff exc

It’s really easy to play with searching filters and views. When I took a look for a new physio I had several possibilities when I set Physiotherapy + Sports Science as two conditions to find.

I had to decrease attributes value to 4 when I had ticked ‘realistic appointments – 1st team’. But when I changed ‘match 2/2’ to ‘match 1/2’ I was able to increase attributes value to 15+ to find the best possible physio.

*This is the only example of how it could be done, I don’t say it’s the best way…

** The biggest issue with the staff hiring will be their wage demands. I tried to find Director of Football and I was unable to sign someone because I have €1,300 per month available. That means I will have to prioritise due to money available and there will be much worse staff than we are used to from bigger clubs and leagues.

Physios search

Club overview & Facilities

CD Magallanes play their matches at Municipal de San Bernardo with a capacity of 3,500. Training and Youth facilities are average. It could be worse but as I said already there is a very long road to improve it due to the financial status of the club.

Facilities December 2017

We have five friendly matches ahead before the competition will kick-off but I have to make all the changes and recruitment before the first friendly to be prepared.

That means only one thing – I have to click continue…


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Until next time…take care.


Keysi Rensie

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