A Legend in his Own Mind: The Push for Europe

Now I’m not one for making goals, my goal tends to be to win and not much else matters but in this case, because I have certain things that I’d like to accomplish, I’m going to make a few. When I achieve one of these goals I will put a blog up on Keysi’s site, updating everyone on the progress so far. These goals are as follows:

  1. Have a homegrown player make Cambridge and their national sides first team.
  2. Make it into Europe (I will write separate blogs about each new European competition I make it into)
  3. Win silverware (Again, each new piece of silverware will merit a blog)
  4. Manage England on this save (A weird one yes but I did apply to manage England for the last season of this save, basically it ties into my FM19 plans and I really want to shove some of my English players into the England set-up)

In my last two posts from this series I laid down some goals for me to achieve within this save, I also promised that you would only see me pen another Cambridge United post if I managed to achieve one of these goals. Now before I mentioned that I felt like my Cambridge side were ready to push on and claim a Europa League place, however I was wrong, as we went a step further and claimed a spot in the Champions League Group stages. That’s right we finished 3rd, behind a rampant Chelsea and Manchester United but in front of an over-achieving Everton.

League Table

Andrew TickellI’ll be honest here, I’m not sure what my plan is with this post. Is it a season review? Well if it is I’ve already given away the end so you may as well stop reading here. Is it about the Champions League qualification? Again if it is there isn’t much to say that I haven’t already said so again probably best to stop reading here. Screw it, lets just start from the beginning, my attempt to cheat my way to completing a goal, the signing of Andrew Tickell, that’s him to your right though that screenshot is taken in November of the next season. The idea behind my desire to become England manager on two separate saves played side my side on two different versions of Football Manager *Breath* was to sneak Cambridge United players into the England National side. I was worried that I might not make it to the next time the England manager spot was available, or i would miss it again, so buying players that were already a part of the England camp was one way to half complete my goal. It helps that Tickell pretty much hit all the right spots for me, baring a single worrying trait, he slotted straight into my first team thank you very much.

TacticThings were looking great at the start of the season and come the end of November we were right there in the fight for the title, Tickell and loan signing Paulo Bernardo had hit the ground running and we were looking great in our new 4-4-2, which was our old 4-1-4-1 under the hood with a shiny new paint job and some different bodywork. Then my Cambridge side did Cambridge side things and fell into a poor run of form (below) that saw us drop all the way down to mid table and in the end I had to resort to bringing back the 4-1-4-1 with a few tweaks to bring back a level of solidity to our play. The reasons behind the swap to 4-4-2 had been the emergence of two great strikers and a lack of decent midfield options but left winger Marko Radojevic had proven to be ineffective in my Wide Midfielder role while David Donaldson had the attributes to go out and terrorise defences. I’d have to bite the bullet with my midfield, the system over the players, and hope that Marian Engel in the DM spot could do enough work to cover the weaknesses of his midfield partners.


Chelsea MatchWell it worked, with the the more aggressive 4-4-2 as a back up we managed to fight our way up the league table with Donaldson leading the way for us. It was tight and with 5 games to go we were sat in 5th looking up, however a great run of form meant that we went into the final day in 4th knowing Champions League qualification was in our hands. The only problem was that it was against Chelsea who, alongside Manchester United, were miles ahead of the rest of the pack, with Europa League football already in the bag but 5th place Arsenal snapping at our heels I was worried that we’d have to settle for second best after being so close. When all was said and done at the Cambridge Utd Stadium it seemed that I had overestimated that old football chestnut of teams downing arms when there’s nothing left to play form, Chelsea were 2nd no matter the result so they simple didn’t turn up. Donaldson had a field day scoring a hat-trick, two pens but I’ll take it, but his great game was simply a result of our dominance as a side. I’ve never had a game that I was so worried about that turned out to be so easy, then came the news from Turf Moor, Everton had lost and we’d stolen 3rd place on the final day.

I had two main reasons for taking on this save, one to call back to the first team I ever had a decent save with in a Football Manager style game, and two to easy the memory of the Cheltenham side that I failed to get into the Premier League. That Cheltenham side were cruelly murdered by an ex but this Cambridge side have gone above and beyond what I’d expected or even hoped. I’m excited to see just how far I can take them, and I know that I already have two posts lined up for the future.

Thanks to Keysi for hosting me, you can find me in FM Slack, my channel is #braziers-England, I’m also on Twitter and Instagram. I also have my own blog where I talk about random rubbish with its own TwitterFacebookInstagram and fledgling YouTube.


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