FM17 Tactic | Inverted Christmas Tree

Time from time I have to play something other than only my main save in concrete Football Manager. It’s not different in FM17 as I played for example with AEK or with Anzhi within FM Slack Tactics Challenge. 

And a few weeks ago I made a step to the dark side as Guido like to say. Yes, you’re right. I decided to play with strikerless tactics.

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FM Slack Tactics Challenge | FC Anzhi Makhachkala

As you may know we have Football Manager Slack community. This platform offers to all of us absolutely fantastic way how to talk between us and maybe more importantly it’s great way how to learn something new. 

One of many interesting channels in FM Slack is also #fm17tacticschallenge. The first challenge was 4-5-1 formation with OGC Nice. I was unable to take part in this one but I decided to participate in the second one.

FMSlack tactics challenge header

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FM17 | Reading FC | part XIX | Updated 4-3-1-2

In the middle of November 2016 I published the fifth part of my Reading save in FM17. It was about my 4-3-1-2 formation and the changes I made after I played the first months of the save with 4-3-3 formation. The 4-3-1-2 tactical set up was changed during the next seasons and I decided to write about it once again. 

Some of you wrote me in the recent weeks and months you want to read (but mainly download) the new and updated version of this formation. So there it is.

header image royals save

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#FM17 | Reading FC | part XVIII | Septuple!

Well, if you thought the eighth season was extremely succesful (and it surely was) I don’t know what you will think at the end of this part. The ninth season with Reading FC in Football Manager 2017 was even more successful as we won one more trophy than in previous season. 

It’s crazy, isn’t it? I think it is because I really did not hope for trophy galore like this.

header image royals save
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#FM17 | Reading FC | part XVII | How to stay interested in the save

Welcome everyone to the another part of my Football Manager 2017 save with Reading FC. As you may know I won the six trophies during the eighth season includin Premier League or Champions League. 

You can read all the previous parts of this save in this category on my blog so you can catch up with everything what happened so far.

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#FM17 | Reading FC | part XVI | Sextuple!

Welcome everybody! I finished the eighth season with Reading FC and you can read the usual summary on the lines bellow. This season was absolutely incredible as we won six trophies. Yes. SIX trophies. We lost only three competitive matches during this season, twice with Manchester United and once with Tottenham. 

As I wrote in previous parts my Reading first team squad still includes 12 players from the original squad from the start of the save. My favorite players like Liam Kelly, Jake Cooper or phenomenal striker Danny Loader who was in fantastic form this season.

During the pre-season time I declined job offers from Arsenal, Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan and also from France and Italy national teams.

header image royals save

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#FM17 | Reading FC | part XV | Massive staff boost

Same as players and club itself develop during the save you always have to be careful of what staff you have beside you. As I write in the last part I decided to stick with many players from the start of the save. They were the reason why I started it. And some of the coaches from the start of the save is also still with us. 

Despite we won the Premier League in the fifth season and we were in the Europa League Final in the same season and our finances was absolutely great we stagnated a little in staff area.

header image royals save
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#FM17 | Reading FC | part XIV | Stick with the team

Seven seasons with Reading in Football Manager 2017. From Championship bottom part of the table to the Champions League glory. This save went well so far and you can catch up with the whole story there if you want. 

I know it’s not the anniversary season like 10th or 20th but I decided to write about some players and the team itself because maybe some of you did not notice that I won the Champions League with 12 players from the original Reading squad.

header image royals save

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#FM17 | Reading FC | part XIII | Champions League glory

When I started this save I wanted to enjoy the game and wanted to play with young players like Liam Kelly, Dominic Samuel or Jake Cooper. If you read the first parts you know I did not want to win Premier League title in two years or something like that.

After saves in lower leagues in previous FM versions I just wanted to play with team I know very good and the plan was to write something about.

header image royals save

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Time flies…

Hello everyone, just only some thoughts from me, not the traditional post about my FM17 save. As I was guest in the Deep Lying Podcast I had a time to think about my past associated with football manager games.

I asked George if I should prepare something before recording. He just only said he will ask me a bit about my background. And I had some time during the Thursday’s lunch to think about it.

I know there are many of you who play the CM/FM for longer time than me but I decided to put some of my CM/FM background to paper. If you get bored just close the browser tab ;)

championship_manager_-_season_97-98_coverartI started to play manager games at the end of the nineties when I discovered Championship Manager. I think the first one was 97/98 when my friend from the school got it with his first PC.

He was the first who had the PC in our class so once upon a time about ten kids were in flat of his parents. I think it was one of the reason why they divorced later as my friend’s father wanted to play games with us – 11 years old kids.

I did not have my own PC as my parents had not enough funds to buy it. But my uncle had. And he loved the Premier Manager 99. And we played a lot.

We always tried to play just only two clubs – AC Sparta Prague and AC Milan. If it would be possible to have Marco van Basten at all posts in the line-up my uncle would put him there as it was his hero. I was enough happy to play with Horst Siegl…

There was also manager called Czech Soccer Manager. I think it’s still free game available to download. It’s very easy and fast game and you were able to play 15 seasons per day as it was really fast game.

Not detailed as Football Manager but you were able to build stadium, manage ticket prices and many more things. It was fun to win Champions league with Czech second tier club in third or four season.


There was also another one manager game but I can’t remember the name of it. Same as with Premier Manager 99 I played this other game with my uncle and I really hope we will be able to find it somewhere what the game it was.

I never was too much FIFA or PES player. I owned Xbox and PS in some time of my life but I sold both because I always rather played Football Manager. I think this will remain same in the future.

When I was older and my father bought the first proper PC I started to play Championship Manager once again so I remember all versions from the 2000. I always like to remember one story about my beginnings with CM.

As you have player, competition or club ID number in the game and you can hide it in the preferences I always installed the game and set something in the preferences. I now know it was this.

I always ticked the “Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning”. But I did not want to have it in the game as I was unable to see the player position or age and the club in the older version because the ID replaced it.

I remember I spent almost whole afternoon with reinstalling the game to unhide this ID because I don’t like it. I did not played the match or buy some players, just only was trying to have game without ID’s.

But everyone somehow begins…


I think it was around the 2005 when first Football Manager was released after the Eidos/Sports Interactive split. I bought my first own laptop and I found there is FM community in the Czech republic.

There was a website called and I became a member of this site. It was mainly forum with save stories, tactics articles but we talked about the common things in our life as well.

I remember the save in FM 2006 or FM 2007 when I played for York City and I won the promotion from the Conference to the Premier League in seven years and they sacked me after we finished 13th in the PL in the first season. So I went to AS Roma for a couple of season, won everything with them and York was back in the League One when I resigned from Roma job. It was easy to get back to York and win the Premier League with them during the next couple of years…

I would compare it to the Dugout website which most of you know. There were hundreds of FM players and it was very good for interaction. I became an admin during next years but the website not exist now as almost all the people lost interest in the site and FM as well.

So we started a new website with forum around 2010 I think and I was an owner of this site for a couple of years. During this time I also started to discover FM community around the world. I began to use Twitter more and shared articles from our site to it but there was almost no feedback because of the Czech language.

I had some great saves during the Football Manager time including game with my local town club (TJ Sokol Libiš) for example as I started in Czech fourth tier and make this small club Czech champions with some players  who I know from the real life. Or with Dijon FCO in FM11…and many more.


Raphaël Cacérès – my FM11 hero in save with Dijon FCO

But interest was lesser and lesser at our site/forum and I had feeling I write everything unnecessarily. I decided to step down as owner of this site and I decided to start write in English as I wanted to be part of the community and talk with others about the game more than only in phrase „It’s hame you don’t write in English – Yes, I know“ and sad smiley at the end of the reply.

I created my own blog and translated some guides which I wrote in the past in Czech. It was during the FM15 time when I played the save with Spartans FC in Scotland.

So it’s almost two years now when I decided to start writing in different language. I’m not the star of the FM community, my English is not as good as I would like but I’m glad I’m part of it as I think I found there a lot of good people and some of them I consider as friends of mine.

If I would not started to write in English I would not have option to write for The Higher Tempo Press for example.

From the April 2015 I published 117 posts and I have around 490k views on my blog until today what is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all.

If you listened or you will listen the Deep Lying Episode with me you will find I work for AC Sparta Prague in real life in PR Department. I have to say it was very funny when some of real life footballers found I play Football Manager a lot and they read some of my articles on the blog during training camps in the past and they came to me for some help with their tactic and other things in FM.

Time from time they still write me for some advice and despite some of them are no longer in Sparta we stayed in touch thanks to Football Manager.

The Deep Plying Podcast with me it’s there ↓. If you can’t understand something let me know and I will translate it from my “Czenglish”…

Thanks for reading, @KeysiRensieCome and join the conversation in Slack.


If I don’t write new article in some time it will probably be because of this little monster who is my best FM assistant manager in the last two and half years…