FM20 | Sun is shining in Celaya

The first season of my FM20 save in Mexico is over. And it ended with the immediate promotion to the top tier. What happened in Celaya during 2019/2020 season?  My aim was not to win promotion straight but as the season went, our 4-4-1-1 formation developed well and the opponents were not capable to beat … Continue reading FM20 | Sun is shining in Celaya

FM20 | In Emilio Butragueño footsteps

Choosing the right team is never easy. Especially when you are not sure how much time you will have to play. Will it be the same as in the past? Will I reach a far future? Or it will be only a few seasons? I was not sure during the time between the end of … Continue reading FM20 | In Emilio Butragueño footsteps