A Guide to Filters and Shortlists

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Transfers do not happen by mistake. For me, they are the effect of fastidious scouting, aided by a comprehensive collection of filters and shortlists.

This is a guide to filters and shortlists in Football Manager 2017. In this piece, I will talk through a crucial set of in-game tools at my disposal to help with one of the most significant tasks I have as manager; strengthening my squad through thoroughly scouted acquisitions.

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FM17 | False Short Corner Kick Routine

Some time ago I wrote a post about things I do before every pre-season in Football Manager for thehighertempopress.com. One of them were Set Pieces and theirs review after the end of the season. 

I wrote about my successful Short Corner Kick Routine a couple of months ago on my blog and this routine is still very effective. As my save with Reading continues I like to try new formations and things in overall. I also decided to create a new Corner Kick Routine called “False Short Corner Kick Routine”.

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Planning for success: A Football Manager guide

As virtual football managers, our worlds can get a little chaotic at times. We are always thinking, always planning. If you are anything like me then you will also like to control every aspect of your club; from top to bottom. At times, it can get a little daunting.

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5 Tips on How to Succeed in Chile | FM17

The Chilean footballing pyramid is a tricky pyramid to get used to, as are most South American leagues. Especially as in this incarnation of Football Manager the Chilean football structure is in transition.

From 2018 the league will run from February until November as opposed to the current July to April format. Therefore in 2017 there will be one half-season to count as a full season, running from July 17 – Dec 17.

Chile is a very fun country to play in and in this following post I will be giving several tips that help you on your way to conquering Chilean soil.



1. Use The Youth

One of the rules in the Chilean leagues is that each match squad must contain at least two players qualified as U20. This means that it becomes ever more important to have at least two players under the age of 20 to be able to play in your first-team.

Due to the low reputation of the Chilean league in regards to World football your players will quite often be worth very little. This can be a pain but in reality it is a strength of the Chilean league.

Your youth players, if good enough, can often be sold for £1M plus to foreign teams despite their low value. This often gives you the chance to buy the best Chilean talent for smaller fees and thereby improving the quality of your first team.


But you will only be able to sell on your youngsters if you play them. It will be worth it in the long run.

2. Foreign Players

Another squad registration rule in Chile is that you may only register 7 foreign (non-Chilean) players. Of those 7 only five can be present in the starting XI during matches.

As you can only have five foreign players in the starting XI it is usually best to have those players outfield. As such you should look to have Chilean goalkeepers to allow you to find the best foreign outfielders.

Quite often foreign youngsters (Brazilian or Argentinean) are better than Chilean youngsters and as such could well be used to satisfy your foreign player quote and the under 20 rule.

However be aware that foreign players will attract interest from elsewhere and you may not be able to keep hold of them. Make sure you use your foreign player spots wisely and import a couple of experienced foreigners too.


3. Transfer Windows

There are two transfer windows in Chile. One lasts just over a month from June to August and the other is a weeklong window at the beginning of January.

The January window has a restriction of three transfers per side. This works well in the first season, however when the transition happens this window falls at the beginning of a new season which is an inconvenience.

Therefore from 2018 onwards you should look to make the majority of your transfers in the July transfer window as you will only be able to make three transfers before the start of the next season.

4. Wages

In order to maintain good finances in Chile you need to keep control of your wages. In lower league teams you will not have too large a fanbase and will struggle to earn enough income through match days.


I try to implement a rule in that no player can earn more than myself. If I earn £1000 per week no player will earn more than me.

This helps to keep the team below the wage budget. It will actually help to improve your finances as, if done correctly, you can end up well below your set wage budget.

5. Tactics

I have often had success in Chile by employing a counter tactic that uses the wings. Especially if you are at a lower league team you can have terrific success by waiting on the counter and exploiting the wings through direct play.

When I play on the counter I tend to sit deep and remain structured. In addition I will close down less and remain compact in defensive situations.


It might be worth giving a counter tactic a go if you are unable to break teams down through controlling the play.

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#FM17 | Throw-In Routines

Throw-Ins. My most favorite set piece during Football Manager 2016 when I created some lovely Routines which worked perfectly. You know I really like set pieces in overall but Throw-Ins is probably my favorite because it could be very dangerous for your opponent if you can play it well. 

You can find other set pieces for FM17 or FM16 in this category.

Same as with another set pieces very important is to have the best suited players for each role on the pitch. Continue reading

#FM17 | Short Free Kick Routine

Well, you know I’m a little bit afflicted on Set Pieces. I love them from my childhood. Always love to remeber times when I was a schoolboy and my father was a member of coaching staff of my youth team in our small town.

We always tried to create new set pieces together with him and some of my teammates and we gave them names after our favorite girls from school. Continue reading

#FM17 | Short Corner Kick Routine

Hi everyone, after the article about Best header Free Kick Routine for the new Football Manager 2017, there is also on Corner Kick Routine by me. I published article with attacking and defensive routines last year but there you have only one attacking routine. It’s the short corner kick routine which works very well for me.

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#FM17 | Best header Free Kick Routine

Last year I published articles about Attacking & Defensive Free Kick Routines as it was a new one in FM16 and we are able to set up three different set piece routines. This year is no different as tactics, training system or set piece creator is without major changes. 

I set up some routines and this is one of them. It’s attacking free kick “Best header” routine.  Continue reading

#FM16 | In love with Wide Playmaker

There are many variations of 4-2-3-1 formation around the FM Community during FM16 time. I played with it too during first seasons with Akademisk Boldklub but I changed it to 4-1-4-1 after ten years in charge of the club. 

It took some time when team played as I want. Especially some roles did not work and I tested it for more than one year when I was happy with that. One of the most important role is Wide Playmaker.


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FM16 Guide: How to see your stadium in 3D

One of the best thing in Football Manager is when board decide to build a new stadium or expand your old stadium. And I think I’m not the only one who want to see the whole stadium during reconstruction and after the completion. I finally know how to see the whole stadium during match. 

Cambridge v Reading_ Pitch Full-2-2

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