FM16 Guide: How to see your stadium in 3D

One of the best thing in Football Manager is when board decide to build a new stadium or expand your old stadium. And I think I’m not the only one who want to see the whole stadium during reconstruction and after the completion. I finally know how to see the whole stadium during match. 

Cambridge v Reading_ Pitch Full-2-2

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FM16: Attacking Corner Kicks Routines

After an articles about Throw In, Free Kicks and Defending Corners Routines for FM16, there is a bran new guide who is dedicated to my Attacking Corner Kicks Routines. Same as in the previous articles these Routines are available to download at the end of this article.

attacking corner kicks routines

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FM16: Free Kicks Routines

After the Throw In Routines I tried to set up Free Kicks Routines for Football Manager 2016 as well. I decided I will make attakcing and defending routines in one article together. I also wanted to thank you for a great response on the previous article about Throw Ins which got a fantastic feedback on social media.

free kicks routines

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FM16: Throw In Routines

The Set Pieces are very important for your success. We all know it. We also know that we have a new Set Piece creator thanks to Football Manager 2016 with Routines. I wrote about attacking and defensive corners during FM15 and I wanted to write something about Throw Ins because this Set Piece could be very big weapon for everyone. 

throw in routines

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FM Guide: Youth Intake

In most of my games in Football Manager I try to play with young players. In the last five editions of FM none of my teams had an average age of more than 22 years. An important part of these games is Youth Intake, thus recruiting young players. When playing in the lower leagues for small clubs is currently recruiting young players is one of the key ways to possibly get money for selling them.

The main difference between the generated new players is their potential, which decides whether they have a chance to push your team. Furthermore, it is an integral part of your device training and youth facilities.

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FM: Player Tutoring

Player Tutoring. This is a “feature”, which allows you to specify players in your team who will be in charge of one of the younger players and he will try to pass some of their experiences and teach him some of his strengths. On how will this “education” run, affects several key things.

Its role in how long the “partnership” between the two players take to play personality attributes footballers. In addition to attribute determination to play the biggest role personal liking. If a relationship develops between the players in the right direction, “tutoring” can take up to six months, during which notonly improves some of the attributes and abilities of young players, but also with each other “befriend”. Continue reading

FM15: Attacking Corners

I wrote about How to defend corners a few weeks ago and this article is about Attacking Corners. There are many „guides“ how to dominate from Corners and this system I used in FM14 and I use it in FM15 too.

It’s not surprise that corners should be take by a player who has the highest value of „Corners“ attribute in your team. The higher is the better, that makes sense. A good prerequisite for the proper playing of corners is also that if you have a player who preffer left foot and he can take corners from the right side. Players with stronger right foot should také corners from the left side. Continue reading