Allez les Verts! acte VIII

AS Saint-Étienne 2020/21 Mid-Season Review Conquerors of France… Sounds good..!! Sounds fucking great..!! Let’s make no mistake. Outdoing both PSG and Monaco, en route to clinching the Ligue 1 title is nothing short of sensational. We’ve steadily been cultivating and preparing ourselves for the battle with said French giants - building a young, hungry squad … Continue reading Allez les Verts! acte VIII


Season 6 – The Premier League!

After the news that Dr. Xia was taking his club to a new home, Larry had seen his transfer budget chopped from £38 million to just over £10 million. It wasn't the best news Larry had heard as they embarked on their first season in the top flight but with some deals already signed, he … Continue reading Season 6 – The Premier League!

FM18 | Planning for major tournament | “…the Germans always win”

European Championship 2028. The major tournament hosted by Scotland & Wales. But why I wrote about it as I'm the manager of BFC Siófok? Because after some months with Hungary U19s squad I received a job offer to become manager of Hungary senior national team. And I accepted it.  The job offer came to my … Continue reading FM18 | Planning for major tournament | “…the Germans always win”