The Anatomy of England: Graham Taylor’s 5-3-2

Another tactic based on losing a match? Check. Another formation that a manager used for the first time to try and fix a problem with the squad? Check. Another direct attacking tactic? Check. This campaign’s tactic shares some very similar traits with the Steve McClaren 4-3-3, but it has two main areas where it differs. … Continue reading The Anatomy of England: Graham Taylor’s 5-3-2


Schalke Story #1

As I stepped off the plane at Düsseldorf International Airport, it was cold, wet and quite gloomy, not too different from the likes of Torino or Swindon. The club had provided a private pickup for me for the journey to Gelsenkirchen. I'm staying in an apartment block less than 10 mins away from the training … Continue reading Schalke Story #1