FM19 | Development of 4-3-3 with CD Magallanes

I tried a lot of formations and tactical styles during my life so far. In real life football and in the virtual world as well. But every time I look back there are two formations I prefer the most. It's 4-1-4-1 and 4-3-3 with the flat central midfield. The first one is great and it … Continue reading FM19 | Development of 4-3-3 with CD Magallanes


FM19 | Red card? No problem!

When I shared the picture of the random friendly match from the save in the FMSlack some time ago I didn't expect it could lead to the blog post. It was a typical friendly match during the summer pre-season within my save in Chille with SD Magallanes and we played against 14th placed team from … Continue reading FM19 | Red card? No problem!