Favorite FM Authors

This part of my blog was dedicated to The Sports Interactive Approved Fansite Scheme (SIAS) and to FM Approved Fansites but except the list on Twitter, this scheme is no longer too much active due to lack of promotion, activity, and feedback from the Sports Interactive.

You can find the list of these sites on Twitter HERE but I decided to revisit the original article and made a list of my favourite authors and sites I visit regularly. 

You can also take a look at “Blogs I Follow” section at the right side of my blog where you can find more than 100 blogs but due to WordPress show only maximum of 50 blogs at your site I exported the list updated to September 14, 2017, you can download it HERE and you can import it to your list of blogs you follow or you can create the new list and then choose which blogs you want to follow or which not. I will update time by time this list.

If you don’t own blog/site but you want to write about FM, let me know and you can share it via my blog. Get in touch via email or Twitter.

There are also Football Manager Slack and if you want to read what is about take a look HERE. If you want to be invited to the new FM Community project, get in touch with me here or via Twitter.



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