FM Slack Tactics Challenge | 3-4-2-1 with Benfica

Hello everyone, another FMSlack Tactics Challenge is here. This time with Portuguese side Sport Lisboa e Benfica and 3-4-2-1 formation which was selected by Daniel Gear who is our boss in #fm17tacticschallenge Slack channel. 

If you are interested in previous two I participated in you find both there & there.

FMSlack tactics challenge header - benfica

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A Guide to Filters and Shortlists

header image filters FMFootbalmanager


Transfers do not happen by mistake. For me, they are the effect of fastidious scouting, aided by a comprehensive collection of filters and shortlists.

This is a guide to filters and shortlists in Football Manager 2017. In this piece, I will talk through a crucial set of in-game tools at my disposal to help with one of the most significant tasks I have as manager; strengthening my squad through thoroughly scouted acquisitions.

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FM17 | False Short Corner Kick Routine

Some time ago I wrote a post about things I do before every pre-season in Football Manager for One of them were Set Pieces and theirs review after the end of the season. 

I wrote about my successful Short Corner Kick Routine a couple of months ago on my blog and this routine is still very effective. As my save with Reading continues I like to try new formations and things in overall. I also decided to create a new Corner Kick Routine called “False Short Corner Kick Routine”.

header image false short corner

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FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXV | Rebuilding, Farewells, Trophies

We’ve reached the end of the 2030/2031 season. That means another two season in the FM17 save with Reading FC were played and I would like to tell you what happened during these two seasons. There was a lot of it.

Some information were shared in my FMSlack channel so some of you know there were other trophies won but also we lost players from the original squad because they retired from professional football.

header image royals save with kits

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Fredensborg – Where loyalty wins out…

It’s a simple coin toss. Sun, Sangria and a boat load of cash managing in one of the biggest leagues on the planet, or Snow, Carlsberg and smoked mackerel for supper 6 out of 7 nights of the week.

Always been a pint man myself, that and the affection I now genuinely have for the club and this group of players means I’ll be staying in Denmark for now.

header image a life in denmark

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FM17 | Liam Kelly, The little magician

“From not needed to a key player.” That was the first sentence of an article about Liam Kelly development in my FM17 save with Reading FC. Yes, this Irish midfielder or forward was on the transfer list at the start of the save but he became my key player for fifteen years. 

In June 2031 he decided to retire from professional football and I lost my favourite player of this save.

header image - Liam Kelly

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FM17 | What could happen when your Judging Player Potential attribute drops to 0

I think all of us know this situation. You have an average Youth Intake with one or two players with some potential, you are disappointed you don’t have a new wonderkid in your youth team and you decide to not offer contracts to almost all of new young players because they are not good enough. 

I had it many times in my saves in the past and this year’s save with Reading FC is not different.

mark parker header image

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FM17 | Reading FC | 4-1-3-2 Formation

It was the thirteenth season with Reading. And I thought I need to change something. I didn’t want to change my players so I decided to try another formation. As you maybe know I used and still use 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2 formations during this save.

I didn’t make some radical changes but there were some. Mainly the player roles. What was the reason? The main of them were my own players.

As I still have a lot of players from the original squad and they are older and older I wanted to change our style from higher tempo to something calmer.

4132 header image

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FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXIV | Legends retired

If you follow my FM17 journey with Reading FC you know I decided to stick with many players from the original squad. Two of them are defender Jordan Obita and striker Dominic Samuel.

I reached the year of 2029 and I knew just before the end of this season it will be sad summer. These two players decided to retire from professional football at the age of 35.

obita a samuel header image

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Fredensborg – Where my flats possibly going up for sale!

FC Kobenhavn, our illustrious neighbours were as usual running away with the Superliga. The Danish giants dominate the league year after year so getting anything from our next game would take a monumental effort.  On top of that my relationship with Kobenhavn manager Stalle Solbakken was less than amicable.

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