FM17 | Reading FC | part XXIII | Trophies, Trophies Everywhere!

Hello everyone, welcome back to the virtual world of Reading FC. If you read the previous parts of my Football Manager 2017 save with this English club you know I won the Champions League for the fifth time in a row in the 11th season. 

I also wrote about the development of players from the original squad as some of them reached their thirties.

header image royals save with kits

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Fredensborg – Where Superliga football aint so bad!

Funny how things work out. In my first week at Frednesborg I made an impassioned plea to our local neighbours FC Kobenhavn, I asked them to help us out and become our parent club. A link with the biggest club in Danish football would have been a huge boost. A snobby Stale Solbakken told me that a club like ours would never be good enough to send their players on loan to, so when the fixture computer picked them out as our first opponents it brought a little smile to my face.

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Fredensborg – Where football isn’t played anymore…

In a Rut – In a settled or established habit or course of action, especially a boring one.

That’s us, a winless run, a team desperate for goals with the inability to defend. How has it ended up being like this, we were so good early in the season and beat all-comers.

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Fredensborg – Where people are starting to watch football.

New season, New Division, Same problems.

After the success of last season I really needed to keep that positive feeling in the team so on the whole I wanted to retain the vast majority of the squad. The majority of teams promoted out of Division 2 ended up back there 12 months later, we would try and be the exception to the rule.

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FM17 | Reading FC | part XXII | Stick with the team II.

The 11th season of my FM17 save with Reading is over and I decided to make another update of players who are in the club from the beginning. Some of them already left us in previous two seasons but it was not a huge exodus. But some them wanted to go for a new challenge and I decided to not stay in their way. 

I wrote “Stick with the team” at the end of the January this year and this part was after the seventh season with Reading.

header image royals save

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