FM18 | The Champions League hat-trick

Hello from 'Around the Lake'. As I have a decent amount of time to play Football Manager and continue my BFC Siófok save, we finished the 2041/2042 season. The club growth continues the same as the development of football in Hungary at all. After the many years of thought matches in Champions League, and some … Continue reading FM18 | The Champions League hat-trick


FM18 | Back to where it all began

Keysi Rensie's journey through the Football Manager 2018 is coming slowly to the end. We are still in Hungary and we are still around the lake and we still make everything possible to develop some great players.  If you read the last post where I tried to explain some my thoughts about the 4-3-3 formation … Continue reading FM18 | Back to where it all began

FM18 | BFC Siófok | Europa League trophy in the cabinet | 2036

After the last season (2034/2035) without a loss of a point in the Hungarian top division, we managed to win our 15th league title in a row and it was unbeaten season again. We secured the league title seven matches before the end of the season.  We also won the Champions League trophy in the … Continue reading FM18 | BFC Siófok | Europa League trophy in the cabinet | 2036