FM18 | The Champions League hat-trick

Hello from 'Around the Lake'. As I have a decent amount of time to play Football Manager and continue my BFC Siófok save, we finished the 2041/2042 season. The club growth continues the same as the development of football in Hungary at all. After the many years of thought matches in Champions League, and some …

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Football Manager custom kits

It's been a very long time when I started to make kits. I liked to use FC'12 templates by FMSlovakia but I also used SS' templates or Smart Shirt Designer. Some time ago I decided to try to learn to make kits with templates. I make kits mainly for myself, friends or if someone …

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FM18 | Corner Kick Routine – Penalty Spot delivery

If you like nice and stylish goals from outside the penalty area you are probably at the right place right now. I decided to try a new corner kick routine during the 2036/2037 season of my FM18 save with BFC Siófok and it works quite well. I used something partly the similar two or three …

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