#FM17 | Reading FC | Danny Loader development

One of the reason why I started a save with Reading FC in FM17 was to play with young players who are in the club at the start of the game. Jordan Obita, Dominic Samuel, Liam Kelly, Jake Cooper or Danny Loader.

And the last one made very good progress during the first five years with this save as he became the best Premier League goalscorer of the last season I played so far. Continue reading

#FM17 | Goalkeeper Instructions

Hi all, if you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my tweet during last Sunday about the “Distribute To Full Backs” instruction which I have set to my goalkeeper(s). When I was on my way to my real life job I thought about it while I was stuck in a traffic jam and I decided to write something more about, above 140 characters. 

It was one of the first tactical changes I made after a couple of matches when FM17 arrived. I’m not sure if I saw too many long balls during previous versions but during my first matches with this edition, I grew really frustrated that my goalkeeper started each new attack with a long ball to the half line: that was typically the end of our possession as opponent’s defenders easily get the ball.

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#FM17 | Player & Staff Role Search Filter

There it is! Same like in previous years I made Playr & Staff Role Search Filter for new Football Manager game. I made it mainly for myself but I decided to share it with you again. 

Both of these two filters were downloaded more than 20K during FM16 time as it was shared also via fmscout.com.

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FM16: “The Academics” – part XXXV – Seventeen years with AB

Hi all, this is the last part of my FM16 AB save. You were able to read the last season summary and story about regen Nichlas Meyer in recent time and this part is about club changes during the long seventeen years with the club. 

We started as semi-proffesional club and ended as the best Danish club and part of the Champions League knockout stages.

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FM16: “The Academics” – part XXXIV – One and only Nichlas Meyer

Nichlas Meyer. The player I will remember for a very long time. This regen was my favorite player during FM16 save with Akademisk Boldklub so he deserve separate article. He played for the club for 16 years and he would be my first choice if I played another seasons despite he should have broken leg…

Nichlas Meyer_ Overview Profile

Nichlas Meyer in 2017

He was born in Gladsaxe on 12th February 2001 and he came to our club in March 2016 as one of many new regens when AB played in second tier. He played for our U19 team during first three months and he signed a four-year deal in the summer. Continue reading

FM16: “The Academics” – part XXXIII – Summary of 2031/2032

Hello everyone, welcome to the last season summary of my FM16 save with Akademisk Boldklub. It last more than one month to write something new as I had a holiday and a lot of work after it. 

Season 2031/2032 was my last season with this lovely club in Football Manager 2016 as I decided to finish this great save after the tenth league title in a row. But this is not last post about this save as I will write one or two more before FM17 will be released.

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If you’re not up to date with this save check this post about summer transfers and other stuff from August. Continue reading

#FM16 | In love with Wide Playmaker

There are many variations of 4-2-3-1 formation around the FM Community during FM16 time. I played with it too during first seasons with Akademisk Boldklub but I changed it to 4-1-4-1 after ten years in charge of the club. 

It took some time when team played as I want. Especially some roles did not work and I tested it for more than one year when I was happy with that. One of the most important role is Wide Playmaker.


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FM16: “The Academics” – part XXX – winter transfer window 2031

As I wrote in the previous part of this save the 2030/2031 season is divided to more parts. This part is about our transfers during winter break and there was another one thing to celebrate.

Our midfielder Neil Paterson was voted European Golden Boy same as Martin Hansen last year. It’s great honour for our club…

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FM16: “The Academics” – part XXIX – 1st half of the 2030/2031 season

I decided this season will be split to more posts because there was very active winter transfer window by us so you can look forward to next post in which I will write about new players and our new club record outgoing transfer. But until that you can read about the 1st half of the 2030/2031 season.

We played very good footbal in all competitions and we are on the way to win ninth league title in a row and another domestic cup trophy.

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FM16: Paul Pogba at Manchester United

Paul Pogba completed his move from Juventus to Manchester United for the record transfer fee. Pogba left Old Trafford in July 2012 after the then United manager Sir Alex Ferguson refused to agree to Raiola’s demands for an improved contract. Juventus paid them just £800,000 in compensation four years ago…

Same as after Gonzalo Higuaín tranfer from Napoli to Juventus I made Football Manager 2016 simulation of Pogba’s career.

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