Arsenal 2020/21: The Climax

So there are three games to go, Utd are 5 points clear. They've been infuriatingly good all season and I desperately need them to bottle it. Utd had Wolves at home and West Ham to say I thought I had no chance. First and foremost we needed to make sure we did our bit … Continue reading Arsenal 2020/21: The Climax


Season 6 – The Premier League!

After the news that Dr. Xia was taking his club to a new home, Larry had seen his transfer budget chopped from £38 million to just over £10 million. It wasn't the best news Larry had heard as they embarked on their first season in the top flight but with some deals already signed, he … Continue reading Season 6 – The Premier League!

#FM17 | Reading FC | part XVII | How to stay interested in the save

Welcome everyone to the another part of my Football Manager 2017 save with Reading FC. As you may know I won the six trophies during the eighth season includin Premier League or Champions League.  You can read all the previous parts of this save in this category on my blog so you can catch up … Continue reading #FM17 | Reading FC | part XVII | How to stay interested in the save